Platform Updates 08.08.2022

August 8, 2022
1 min


  • [Admin Panel] 

    Administrators can now give permissions to view and edit data in Dashboard, Business Intelligence and Reports sections to other users to manage sensitive information

  • [Admin Panel] 

    Users' permissions in Payments, Settings and Segmentation sections have been restricted so that they do not have access to sensitive data (player's personal data, player's accounts data, player's contacts etc.)

  • [Affiliate]

    The Alanbase affiliate program has been integrated on the platform

  • [Games]

    A new subsection Game contract limits movement was implemented in the platform. In this subsection users can manage the game contract limits to restrict the ability of launching the games 

  • [Tournaments]

    Tournament transactions subsection has been added on the platform. Users can view tournament transactions details there

  • [Tournaments] 

    Tournament players table has been implemented on the Tournament details page. In this subsection users can view all players of the selected tournament including those who won any points in it

  • [Telegram Service]

    Data of players registered via Telegram-bot are now tracked and shared with affiliate providers

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