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Platform Updates 12.09.2023

September 12, 2023
3 min


  • [Payments Module]

    For the manual payment method, the configuration of system fields on the deposit and withdrawal forms has been enhanced - now back office users can set up custom system fields, as well as activate the ability for players to upload screenshots with payment confirmation (screenshots are available for viewing by back office users)

  • [Bonuses Module]

    Creation/editing form for bonuses with the Cashback activation event has been refined. Back office users can set up bonus accrual depending on players' loyalty or experience level. The bonus list table and the bonus details card in the Admin panel and bonus details card on the casino lobby have been updated accordingly. This feature will help to control the casino expenses (players with low loyalty or experience level will not be able to receive cashback), to motivate players to increase their gaming activity to get higher loyalty and experience levels and to attract new players as well

  • [Casino Constructor Module]

    Quest widget has been implemented in the module to keep players' gaming interest and to motivate them to visit the casino more often; the widget can be found in the Pages menu tab and be set up for any lobby page

  • [Casino Constructor Module]

    Jackpot widget has been implemented in the module to inform players about various jackpots introduced by the casino so that they visit the casino more often which can increase casino's GGR; the widget can be found in the Pages menu tab and be set up for any lobby page

  • [Casino Constructor Module]

    progress bar has been implemented on the My progress widget on the lobby, which allows players to track their bonus activity (bonuses, tournaments, cashbacks, quests); this can make it easier for players to track their progress and increase player's retention rate at the casino

  • [Casino Lobby]

    Details of the bonus (activating event and activation amount) have been added to the bonus cards on the casino lobby to provide authorized and unauthorized players a better understanding of how the bonuses function; this will increase player activity and improve player retention rate at the casino

  • [Casino Lobby]

    The ability to create pinned messages on the top chat panel is integrated to improve players information. Only the chat moderator has the right to pin any messages including messages of other chat users 

  • [Casino Lobby]

    The Bonuses section on the casino lobby has been improved so that unauthorized players and authorized players without active bonuses can view the list of available bonuses when clicking on the Bonuses tab. This feature allow increasing players' bonus activity and improve player retention rate at the casino

  • [Affiliate Providers Module]

    A number of events being sent out to MAP provider has been enlarged to calculate NGR and pay out commission more accurate. The following events have been added to the list:

    • Activated bonus
    • Expired bonuses
    • Cancelled bonuses
    • Positive correction
    • Negative Correction
    • Events involving freespins
    • Bonuses accrued for using a promocode during registration   
  • [Players Module]

    The Stolen Account widget is now available in the Player Management → Player Card → Player Fraud Profile section of the menu. The new widget provides back office users with information about the risk of a player's profile being hacked, so that he can make decisions on further actions with the account. The widget displays information about suspicious profile activity and potential data leakage

  • [Settings Module]

    To offer enhanced control over the Access Code setting, the activation/deactivation option is now accessible to back office users with appropriate permissions exclusively in the Authorization and Registration Settings → Access Code menu section

  • [Settings Module]

    In the Project Settings menu section, the Login field is now optional for displaying in the player's Profile. This allows not overloading players with information and simplifies the withdrawal process

  • [Messaging Module]

    Back office users can now upload unique HTML templates to create mass mailings, templates and template wrappers, which will improve the quality of communication with players as they will receive branded content from the casino. It is possible to upload files up to 10 Mb in HTML, RAR and ZIP formats

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