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Platform Updates 14.07.2023

July 14, 2023
1 min


  • [Bonus Module]

    Quests have been implemented in the module — a new type of bonus product which consists of various tasks for players to complete and conditions to meet to receive a reward. This feature is aimed to motivate players to visit the casino more often and increase their activity

  • [Chat Module]

    Back office users can view the list of players, blocked in Chat, and manually unblock them in the newly added Blocked players menu section; player's block details are available to back office users alongside with the block reason

  • [Casino Lobby]

    Autofill is now available for players when they initiate transactions on the platform which increases players' loyalty to the casino as interactions with the system is now much more comfortable for them; previously filled in data is stored by the system and when players initiate any new transaction they need to fill in only the data they have never entered on the platform

  • [Messaging Module]

    It is now possible to set up the message template Type and Channel at the stage of creation only, it is not possible to change those parameters during the template editing which prevents losing of content and makes back office users' working experience with the module more clear 

  • [Chat Module]

    Unread message counter has been implemented in chats used by players on the casino lobby

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