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Platform Updates 13.12.2022

December 13, 2022
1 min


  • [Messaging Module]

    The mass mailing feature has been enriched with the Players List field. Back office users will be able to select players for mass mailing via different channels: 

    • all players for direct messages
    • players with verified and unverified emails for email mass mailing
    • players with verified and unverified phone numbers for SMS mass mailing
    • players with messengers bound to their accounts for mass mailing via messengers
  • [Messaging Module]

    New mailing triggers for the following events have been implemented in the module: 

    • player created the deposit request
    • deposit request has been approved
    • deposit request has been denied
    • withdrawal request has been approved
  • [Casino Constructor Module]

    text editor has been integrated in the module, now back office users can manage the text appearance in lobby text blocks 

  • [Messaging Module]

    It is now possible to filter the list of players for mass mailing by registration date and by last authorization date to make the mailing more targeted 

  • [Telegram Casino]

    The Messaging channels subsection of the Settings menu section has been modified by adding the possibility of communication channel selection for a player 

  • [Telegram Casino]

    It is now possible to deposit and withdraw funds via the WebApp modal windows in Telegram bot to make the process of deposits and withdrawals more comfortable for players

  • [Casino Frontend]

    Tournaments in different statuses are now visible to the website guests on the Tournaments page

  • [Segmentation Module]

    It is now possible to activate or ban players related to one segment filtered according to criteria set by back office user

  • [Users Module]

    Back office users with a Cashier role can now print vouchers showing deposit and withdrawal transactions to pass them to players in land-based casinos; the Player Management subsection functional visible to Cashiers has been modified with additional columns and buttons

  • [Payments Module]

    The Not given incomes log has been implemented in the module so that back office users could view amounts that were not accrued to players 

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