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Platform Updates 14.10.2022

October 14, 2022
1 min


  • Audit 

    The module contains a log showing the back office users' actions on changing the system settings


  • [Settings module]

    There has been implemented a mechanism to register/authorize players using their social media accounts. Now players can register/authorize via socials. The back office user can now: get a list of available social networks, view/set details of settings, activate/deactivate social networks, unlink a player's social network, see logs of changes to social network linking/unlinking

  • [Business Intelligence module]

    The Views button has been added on the table. Using this button back office users will be able to create and manage various table view templates

  • [Users module]

    Back office users now have access to the list of default roles on the project which they can assign to other back office users

  • [Messaging module]

    New mailing triggers have been integrated to interact with the platform players/ back office users. New trigger messages support several languages, email templates, several senders and sending out with email/SMS. Here is the trigger list:

    • Triggers for players
      • Withdrawal request has been declined
      • Contact information confirmation request
    • Triggers for back office users
      • Withdrawal requested by a player
      • Player uploaded documents for verification
  • [Users module]

    The External ID parameter has been implemented in the Player management table and in the Technical information in the Player's card. This parameter is needed to maintain the player balance data for already existing players migrating from the older platform version. Parameter will remain empty for new players

  • [Users module]

    Blocked players log has been integrated in the Blocked players subsection. The log contains information on the blocked players history (including the players' data, devices used, the number of blocks etc.)

  • [KYC module] 

    A new Verification failed function has been added in the Documents and verification subsection. Verification statuses have been expanded. Back office users can now refuse verification or block the player's account after checking accounts with the Verification failed status, block the player status change possibility in case of failed verification, change the verification start conditions

  • [KYC module]

    Back office users can now create the phone number prefix block lists on the Pnones tab of the Blacklist subsection to "filter" players from unwanted countries at the registration stage

  • [Risk management module]

    The process of player comparison was optimized by adding the comparison parameters

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