Platform Updates 19.08.2022

📅 Updated 19 August, 2022 🕐 1min. 👁 544
5 improvements
Table of contents
  • [Users/Player management] There are several changes to Player Details according to KYC requirements: 
    • A new block Account verification rules with a list of account verification requirements has been added to the player details on the Documents and verification tab
    • On the Documents and verification tab added Verify player block to manage the verification status for the user
    • On the Information tab the actual verification status is displayed and editing of the Player verified parameter is prohibited when KYC service is connected
  • [Telegram Service] Players can view the entire history of bonuses they have previously subscribed for or cancelled as well as the history of inactive bonuses 
  • [Telegram ServiceBonuses section has been integrated into the Telegram-bot, now players can subscribe for bonuses, view the status of their bonus subscriptions and the current status of their real and bonus accounts when their balance is queried 
  • [Admin panel] Sections which users do not have access to are hidden in the Menu now 
  • [Admin Panel] Administrator can assign permissions to default roles to control access to functionality
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