Platform Updates 20.10.2023

📅 Updated 18 October, 2023 🕐 4min. 👁 67
12 improvements
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  • [General Admin Panel] Back office users can now connect Google Authenticator for login in the system to secure their personal data img
  • [Casino Constructor Module] The new mapping type D has been implemented for the Recent winners widget: detailed information about the winners is displayed in a form of a table with a separate tab for each win type (All,  High wins, Lucky Wins, My wagers)img  
  • [Casino Constructor Module] The new widget Slider With Buttons has been implemented on the platform. It allows to add buttons (e.g. registration) and links for registration via social networks to the slider both for authorized and unauthorized lobby area img
  • [Casino Constructor Module] A new Progress bar widget types B and C have been implemented on the platform as well as the ability of the detailed widget customization img  
  • [Casino Constructor Module] A new Logotype widget type has been implemented on the platform to increase projects' individuality. The widget is available on the casino lobby's Header and Sidebar img
  • [Casino Constructor Module] The Progress bar widget has been improved. Now if this widget is added in one of the sections (Header, Footer, Sidebar or Pages) and back office user starts adding a widget to another section, they are offered to transfer the widget to this section with all settings. This feature will help increasing the casino retention rate img  
  • [Messaging Module] Back office users can mark any message sent by trigger, personal or mass mailing as pinned; all players will see such messages as pinned in their profile and will have to manually close them img
  • [Casino Lobby] The Bonus section on the casino lobby has been improved. Players are now able to use a filter that allows them to perform search by bonus groups. The filter is the same for all sections (all bonuses/auto-subscribed/activated/subscribed). The bonus card displays a group label if the bonus is added to the group img
  • [Players Module] Information about the Affiliate provider, whose link a player used for registration, is now available in the Player Management → Player Card. This improvement allows back office users to recognize methods of attracting players and increase the number of players on the casino platform img
  • [Messaging Module] A new trigger for users has been implemented in the platform — User has requested withdrawal confirmation code. The trigger event is when a back office user has requested a confirmation code for player's withdrawal request 
  • [Sportsbook ModuleProviders' layout and color schemes can now be set up for the Betby provider in the Settings menu section img  
  • [Chat Module] Players can now share information about their wins in chat using the Share my win button in the Win log img
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