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Platform Updates 23.03.2023

March 23, 2023
1 min


  • [Settings Module]

    The Auto Game in fiat setting has been implemented in the Platform: with setting ON, the Crypto-Fiat feature is enabled for all new players (the default fiat currency set for the player is the first currency in the Casino's crypto-fiat settings); a player can see they are playing in crypto-fiat on the casino lobby's header

  • [Payments Module]

    Back office users can add a QR-code on the manual payment method creation form - it will be displayed to a player on the deposit form

  • [Telegram Service]

    The Add shortcut to Home screen (Android) button has been added in the Telegram bot so that Android users could more easily access the Casino

  • [Telegram Service]

    Games launched in the Telegram bot on desktop devices are now opened in browser instead of the WebApp 

  • [Messaging Module]

    The Twilio SMS provider has been integrated in the Platform to provide SMS Worldwide messaging. Back office users can activate this provider in the Providers menu section

  • [Constructor Module]

    A new Providers Search widget has been added in the module. The widget can be set up in the Sidebars  Left sidebar → Widgets menu section; using this widget players can easily find their favorite provider


  • All reports appearance has been modified according to the Admin Panel tables (filters now have additional values, there are hints on hovering the tables' columns etc.)

  • The Gaming Activity report was enriched with the following columns:

    • Type (slots, card game, lottery, roulette, etc.)
    • Group (game group previously set up by back office user in the Game Groups menu section)

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