Platform Updates 24.01.2023

📅 Updated 23 January, 2023 🕐 2min. 👁 677
6 improvements
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  • [Sportsbook ModuleBetby betting bonuses are now available on the platform so that players can use their bonus funds to place bets. Such bonuses can be created in the Sportsbook → Bonuses menu section and be granted to players in bulk in the Segmentation → Bulk Actions → Sportsbook Bonuses menu section. The following betting bonuses have been added on the platform: 
    • Standard Freebet
    • Free Money Bet
    • No Risk Money
    • Comboboost
    • Global Comboboost img
  • [Users Module] Back office users can now manually block autowithdrawals for specific players in the Player Management → Player's Card → Accounts menu section img
  • [Payments Module] Not given incomes log has been implemented in the Payments Module so that back office users can view data on the funds which have not been accrued to players' accounts to make decision on the manual money accrual
  • [Casino Frontend] Players can recover their passwords via SMS
  • [Sportsbook module] Back office users can view betting bonuses details in the Sportsbook → Betting Bonus menu section img
  • [Messaging Module] A new set of triggers for players for the following events has been implemented in the platform:
    • A player has linked a social network account
    • A player has unlinked a social network account
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