Platform Updates 26.09.2023

📅 Updated 21 September, 2023 🕐 3min. 👁 134
1 report change, 9 improvements
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Reports Section changes

  • [Bonus ReportBonus report section has been refined. Back office users can access a report for each bonus presented in the Bonus module. All the reports have been standardized and can be grouped by currency, by bonuses or by provider; each report has a Total row with a possibility of converting the data into one currency


  • [Permissions and roles ModuleGeneral permissions have been implemented in the Role Management  SuperAdmin menu section to protect players' personal data. Back office users (only those who have permissions) can grant a permission to view player's personal data to other back office users; back office users can select one or several of players' data categories (Login, Nickname, First name etc.). Back office users who do not have a permission to view players' details will be able to view those shielded only (***)
  • [Casino Constructor Module] The Promocode widget is now available in the Pages tab of the Casino Constructor. With this widget, back office users can customize the display of the promo code field to players on all casino lobby pages img
  • [Casino Constructor Module] A Switcher widget is now available for the casino lobby's HeaderSidebar and Footer. With this widget back office users can customize the lobby even more: re-direct to one of two specified casino lobby links (Games page, Bonuses page etc), turn on/off sound effects on the lobby, switch between two pre-set color schemes img
  • [Chat Module] Players can receive standard browser notifications when they are tagged in a chat; by clicking on the notification players are redirected to a concrete message in the chat. Notifications can also be received when the browser is closed. Players can disable this function. This feature will help to increase the casino retention rate
  • [Chat Module] It is possible to forbid players who have not made any deposits to send messages in chat with a new settings available in the Settings Security Restrictions menu section; this will help to prevent possible spam attempts caused by competitors img
  • [Messaging Module] New triggers for players have been implemented in the module:
    • A Chat Moderator role has been assigned to a player
    • A player's Chat Moderator role has been removed
  • [Messaging Module] Player trigger messages can now be sent out via Internal (Personal) channel
  • [Messaging Module] Messages preview has been implemented in the Message history menu section img
  • [Players Module] Game session details have been added in the Players card Bonuses Player's Bonus ID Logs menu section which will allow back office users to resolve problematic issues with players more promptly img
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