Platform Updates 28.12.2022

📅 Updated 27 December, 2022 🕐 3min. 👁 457
1 reports change, 13 improvements
Table of contents

Reports Section changes

  • Tournaments report which can be found in the Reports section is now available for back office users. With this report back office users are able to analyze tournament activity, calculate tournament margin etc. img


  • [Bonus Module] Due to integration with the Segmentation Module it is now possible to perform bulk actions with bonuses for players related to a specific preset img  
  • [Bonus Module] Back office users can now create promo codes to attract new players and increase casino acquisition and retention img
  • [Messaging Module] The recipient list for mass mailing can now be filtered by:
    • country
    • account currency
    • email verification: All / Verified / Not verified
    • phone verification: All / Verified / Not verified
    • account verification: All / Verified / Not verified img
  • [Messaging Module] A new set of triggers for players for the following events has been implemented in the platform: 
    • player's birthday
    • player has linked a social network
    • player has unlinked a social network
    • contact information change request
    • contact information has been changed
  • [Settings Module] It is now possible to set up registration/authorization via the Metamask DeFi wallet in the Settings → Social Settings → DeFi wallets menu img
  • [Settings Module] It is now possible to set up registration/authorization via Apple ID in the Settings → Social Settings → Social Settings menu
  • [Bonus Module] A player's loyalty level can automatically be changed depending on the verification status (this feature is optional)
  • [Casino Front-end] Players can now add games to Favorites to have the games they like at hand and view the Favorites menu section 
  • [Users Module] Back office users can view and manage player's active bonuses via the Player's Card; they also can disable Bonus Module for players to prevent fraudulent activity
  • [SEO Module] Back office users can automatically generate a sitemap when creating a project and automatically update it when needed img
  • [General Admin Panel] The following common elements have been implemented for all tables in the platform:
    • internal and external calendars img img
    • export of whole or customized tables in CSV or XLS formats img
    • customization via the Customize button img
    • all tables have fixed header, the Total column, other columns can be fixed via the Customize button; all tables have sortingCalendar, Search, Filter fields with manual input option
    • equal pagination (20 entries by default)
  • [Sportsbook Module] Sportsbook provided by Atlas has been adapted for mobile devices; appearance of the SettingsBet list and Betting Reports menu subsection has been slightly modified
  • [Telegram Service] Back office users can grant promo codes to players who register at the casino via the Telegram bot
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