Platform Updates 30.06.2023

📅 Updated 29 June, 2023 🕐 2min. 👁 345
1 new module, 3 improvements
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New modules


Chat for the casino players has been implemented on the casino lobby, so that players could communicate with each other, which will increase the casino retention rate, player's involvement in the casino and gaming activity. Chat is available for setting in the back office as a separate module where back office can for example set up chat design and customize color schemes for their project, create channels in languages, available on the project and manage them, assign chat moderators etc.; the module is currently available upon request img


  • [Users Module] The Back office users management menu section has become more user friendly, now it is possible to perform bulk actions (delete, block, unblock, assign a role) towards back office users from the listimg  
  • [Games Module] Back office users can now activate/deactivate game groups when on a Hall structure element with the Activity column which can be found in the Game Groups table; it is also possible to activate/deactivate games on Telegram casino using the corresponding switcherimg
  • [Affiliate Providers Module]  A number of events being sent out to My Affiliates provider has been enlarged to calculate NGR and pay out commission more accurate. The following events have been added to the list:
    • Activated bonuses 
    • Expired bonuses
    • Cancelled bonuses
    • Positive correction
    • Negative correction
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