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Platform Updates 31.10.2022

October 31, 2022
2 min


  • Sportsbook 

    The module allows tracking all bets on sport events in order to analyze players' activity  players are able to place bets on various sport events via the Betby and Atlas providers integrated into the platform

  • SEO

    This module contains settings to manage the casino website availability for search engines etc. to increase the casino recognition and as the result the number of players. In the Search robots subsection users will be able to edit the robots.txt file to change the settings 


  • [Risk management module]

    Back office users will now have limited access to players' sensitive data according to their access level

  • [Risk management module] 

    Back office users can now manage the module settings in one click without manual editing of each parameter. A new Duplication Sensitivity Settings indicator has been added in the Settings subsection

  • [Settings module]

    Data received from Google Analytics has been implemented into the project. All the parameters are available in the Casino Metrics table in the Settings Analytics Settings subsection and are aimed to help back office users to analyze and correct the casino's marketing strategy, track and forecast the players' behavior and increase the players' registration conversion

  • [Business Intelligence module]

    The display of the casino business metrics' graphical data has been refined

  • [Users module]

    The Player Fraud Profile block has been added in the Player's Card in the Player Management section and replaced the previous Duplicate players block. The Fraud profile contains a number of widgets displaying various fraudulent activity of a player

  • [Users module] 

    Player Change Log has been implemented in the Player's Card in the Player management section: in this log back office users will be able to view the changed player's data, i.e., new account registration, name change, verification status change etc.

  • [Payments module]

    A new converter for microcurrencies has been added on the platform. With this converter players will be able to play games containing microcurrencies

  • [Messaging module]

    New mailing triggers have been integrated to interact with the platform players/back office users. New trigger messages support several languages, email templates, several senders and sending out with email/SMS. Here is the trigger list: 

    • Triggers for players
      • The bonus cancellation threshold has been reached
      • Bonus has been wagered
      • Contact information has been confirmed
    • Triggers for back office users
      • Back office user has requested the withdrawal confirmation code
  • [Affiliate module]

    Back office users can now register affiliate provider partners' promo codes to bind players to the corresponding partners

  • [KYC module]

    Player verification process has been optimized - now when a back office user changes the jurisdiction or any verification rule, the system will automatically re-check players' verification statuses according to the new conditions

  • [Telegram Service]

    Players can now view the whole transaction history (both deposits and withdrawals) in the same Telegram-bot menu

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