Platform Release Notes v26.12.1

📅 Updated 30 August, 2021 🕐 5min. 👁 3213
52 improvements

Functional Improvements


  • The Hall column has been added to the Game sessions table
  • Empty game groups (in case there are no games available in the currency, chosen by a player) can be hidden on the casino website.
  • [Game contracts] Demo-games related to the currency available to a player are only displayed for game contracts of the "demo" type
  • [Game sessions] New fields were added to the Game transactions log:
    • Real amount
    • Manual bonus amount
    • Auto bonus amount


  • Push notifications to players via the newly developed casino application for Android OS have been implemented. The new feature is available on the message creation form in the Sender field  img
  • New triggers for players:
    • gift tournament subscription 
    • winning in a tournament
    • tournament cancellation by an admin panel user
    • player's tournament unsubscription by an admin panel user
  • The E-mail template layout was optimized by using the previously uploaded HTML templates

Player's details

  • New parameters and the search feature have been added to the Changelog widget:
    • Player registration
    • Change account 
    • Accept / reject bonus
    • Game session start
    • Game session end
    • Lost at 0
    • Bonus won back
  • You can now avail of a list of default categories for the Note widget now  img
  • A link leading to the Visit log has been added to the Quick Links widget 
  • You can now assign personal managers for players via the Player's details page  img
  • The following new fields have been added:
    • Player's status  
    • GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue)  
    • Additional phone and email  
    • Test player  
  • A new player status called Banned (by request) has been implemented. This would allow you to block player accounts by request. Accounts with this status are also excluded from the casino mass mailing
  • Additional player contact details can now be edited via the Player's details page 

Payment systems

  • The PayKassma integration has been revised
  • New PayKassma payment method: PayTM
  • TRON payment method was integrated with the Coinspaid и Alphapo payment systems
  • The Monetex Group was integrated as a new payment system
  • Recurrent payments (1-click payments) are available for the PiastrixInterkassa, and 4Bill payment systems for repeated bank cards transactions
  • New payment method for Piastrix: btc_usd
  • New payment methods have been added for Interkassa
  • The Wallettec payment system has been integrated on the platform
  • A new payment method card_eur with the possibility of conversion to RUB was added for the Piastrix payment system
  • The SkyPay v.2 payment system has been integrated on the platform
  • The new payment system on the project: Leogaming
  • New payment methods banktransfer_usd and card_kzt were integrated for the Piastrix payment system
  • New payment methods PayTM_WALLETadv-cash EUR withdraw and kyivstar-3 - Withdraw were integrated for the Interkassa payment method
  • New payment methods crypto USDT and crypto USDTE for deposit and withdrawal were integrated for the Coinspaid payment system
  • The Payment system Monetix has been integrated into the project
  • New payment system: WireCapital
  • The KZT currency is now supported


  • The processes of player exportation and segment saving have been optimized
  • Only authorized users are now able to download the exported data


  • The Settlement feature has been added to track the moment in time after which the result of an event (Rollback) may not be changed


  • From now on, the Exchange rate block on the Tournament details page won't be displayed for tournaments using only one currency
  • Currency exchange rates for tournament currencies are now displayed in the Tournament details in the player's profile  img
  • On the Tournament details page in the admin panel, you can now see the exchange rates for currencies and tournament points  img
  • A published tournament can now be edited completely if there are no participants in it (or they've all unsubscribed)
  • The 409/404 error notifications occurring when a player unsubscribes from a Cancelled or Completed tournament now show up as popup windows
  • You can now create fee-free tournaments on the project and subscribe players to them from the admin panel
  • You can now use FUN as currency (1 FUN = 1 tournament point)
  • The navigation features related to the Tournaments module on the website have been enhanced, in particular, we have improved the design of the Tournaments header on the homepage and in the player's profile  img


  • [Casino website] Added the Vietnamese localization
  • [Casino website] The notification for the E0008 error (Please don't submit payments repeatedly) when working with the WonderlandPay payment system has been configured
  • [Logs] Added the Total Bet ID column to the Free Spins Journal table and player's bonus page
  • [Players] Casino ID column was added to all reports available in the Payment activity section
  • [SEO] URLs can now be redirected with link parameters taken into account
  • [SEO] The auto-redirect URL is now case-relative
  • [Settings/Sign up & Sign in settings] Added validation for URL completeness and example URL for input for fields "Link to Terms and Conditions," "Link to Data Use Policy" and "Link to Cookie Policy"
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