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Platform Release Notes v27.1.5

October 21, 2021
1 min


  • [Bonus module]

    The currency rate service was integrated into the bonus creation form. After setting up the exchange rate for the main currency, all other currencies on the project are set automatically according to that rate 

  • [Bonus module]

    Player's deposit history is taken into account when activating bonuses with the Deposit trigger

  • [Bonus module]

    A new bonus activation event was added (Event is not required (Player) when the bonus is activated by the player after meeting the bonus requirements) and the existing one was edited (Event is not required (Admin) when the bonus is activated by the platform administrator)

  • [Bonus module]

    An html editor was added on the Info tab in the Description field on the bonus creation form

  • [Payment systems]

    The Free-Kassa v2 payment system was integrated on the platform

  • [Payment systems]

    New payment methods were integrated for the 4bill payment system

  • [Payment systems]

    The rub and eur currencies were integrated in the 4bill payment system

  • [Payment systems]

    The Interac payment system was integrated into the platform

  • [Payment systems]

    Payment methods with conversion were integrated for the CoinsPaid payment system

  • [Payment systems]

    The UAHRUBKZT and USD currencies and related payment methods were integrated for the Anymoney payment system

  • [Web]

    Localization service was integrated on the project

  • [Messages]

    The Withdrawal request has been approved trigger was refined (applicable for payment systems required redirection to the payment system website to withdraw the funds):

    • Additional text was added to the trigger message body
    • The message can be displayed in multiple languages
  • [Risk management]

    The duplicate players calculation process was optimized

  • [Risk management]

    A new uid field was added in the device details to identify players with the similar user agents

  • [Settings]

    A new setting was added to the Player Settings section so that Support specialists could verify players with verification codes. After verification support specialist get temporary access to the player's personal details:

    • view the player's phone number
    • view the player's e-mail address
    • edit the player's phone number
    • edit the player's e-mail address 
  • [Users]

    A new button Check the code was added in the Privacy tab in the Player's card so that support specialists could verify the players' verification codes. Codes are available for players in their account page on the casino website

  • [Sportsbook]

    Transaction log was added to the Sportsbook section

  • [Sportsbook]

    New columns were added to the Transaction Log table:

    • Bonus ID
    • Bonus subtype
    • Balance after
  • [Money]

    Logs for failed transactions were added in the Payment transaction details table 

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