July 19, at 2 p.m. Moscow time (12 р.m. London) Slotegrator Academy invites everyone to join a webinar conducted by its leading business development manager Vadim Potapenko. The main topic of discussion is “Online casino fraud”. During the said webinar, our expert will share more about different types of frauds and scams widespread in online casinos and ways of combating such adverse events.

Vadim will cover the following matters:

  • Types of online casino scams (hacking, breaching, payment fraud, conspiracy in the workplace).
  • Who are bonus hunters.
  • What is multi-accounting.
  • Ways of cracking down on cyber crimes.
  • What to do if you became a victim of fraud.

Vadim Potapenko:

“Apart from regular expenses on maintenance of your online casino, you are constantly exposed to combating fraud. During the webinar I will share more information regarding the ways of securing your business, as well as explain what to pay attention to while operating a gambling house. Moreover, we will discuss the main types of fraud – hacking, credit card scams, multi-accounting, plus I’ll try to answer all of the questions that might eventually occur during the webinar itself”.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your online casino from fraudsters – welcome to our workshop by Slotegrator Academy!

We are looking forward to seeing you July 12, 2p.m. Do not miss on this valuable lecture by Slotegrator Academy!