Vadim Potapenko, a leading sales manager at Slotegrator, along with Artem Artemov, СЕО of Table 10 focusing on developing table games for virtual clubs, conducted the webinar on October 14 at 15.00 (Moscow time) : «Table game impact on online casino profitability».    

Speakers told about table games as an important element of gaming content variety; and told that the game with real people is more attractive for customers than slots based on algorithms and random factor. More over, experts tell that such content in the virtual casino enhances gamblers’ confidence, which reflects on the amount of venue visitors.   

Artem Artemov, СЕО of Table 10, claims that table games allow to organize various tournaments, for instance, on billiards, poker, or narde, which can be conducted both for promotion purposes and in order to intrigue the existing audience of players.       

Vadim Potapenko has commented on one of case points – game network in table games:  

“Imagine that you are an operator of the new gambling club. Slots smell fishy; you don’t have enough clients and they have nobody to play with. Using table games and services of your integration into the gaming network, one can create a great amount of opponents for customers of your venue.”

According to Vadim, this mechanism can’t be applied in other gambling entertainment, but it works much better than traditional marketing tools. Besides, operator’s expenditure statistics shows a low cost curve at a high growth line of casino popularity in the network.     

Find out more information about proper gambling content and its direct impact on operators’ profit along with Slotegrator and Table 10 experts at the thematic webinar!