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Experts of Slotegrator Academy conduct analytical researches in the spheres of gambling business and are ready to share the knowledge in articles and reviews. The materials provide insights into the companies, products, operating markets, gaming licenses, cases of marketing promotion and other components of the gambling business. Our analytical articles will help you achieve a good understanding of the online gambling industry.

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Staying Live with COVID-19

Every aspect of the gambling industry is suffering from the coronavirus outbreak - except for a few that are uniquely suited to the curren...

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How Are Gambling Regulators Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak?

From offering a helping hand to imposing unreasonable restrictions, gambling regulators around the world are responding to the coronavirus...

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The Effects of the Coronavirus on the Gambling Industry: What A Time To Be Online

While borders, countries, cities, houses, and people are being shut down, the only place unaffected by the virus is the World Wide Web. Bu...

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The Social Gaming Phenomenon: All You Need To Know About Social Casinos

Social gaming in its various forms has become a massive phenomenon. Players all around the globe have taken to it, drawing attention from ...

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Online Lotteries: Types, Rules, and Principles

What is a Lottery? Lotteries are a form of gambling where the result is determined by a random drawing of a number or set of numbers. O...

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Why and Where Should Virtual Sports Be Integrated?

In the digital age, there’s no room for the impossible — modern, advanced technologies offer a massive range of directions on ...

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