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Gambling license acquisition

Casino licenses not only allow operators to legally start and run online and land-based gambling businesses, but also grant projects legitimacy and credibility.

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  • Easy acquisition

    Enjoy a full, A-Z package of solutions for gambling license acquisition in multiple jurisdictions.

    Easy acquisition
  • All target markets

    Access any regulated markets by getting the license you need for operation with our help.

    All target markets
  • Staying compliant

    Avoid legal issues and maintain financial compliance by having a license that follows all regulations.

    Staying compliant
  • Establishing credibility

    Build customer trust and loyalty by showing that your platform adheres to all rules and regulations.

    Establishing credibility

Choice of jurisdiction

Obtaining a gambling license helps casino owners gain players’ trust, cooperate with high-profile game developers, enter profitable markets, and successfully expand the reach of your business.

Requirements for getting a gambling license

Each jurisdiction determines its own set of requirements for obtaining a license. Usually, the list of basic documents includes (but is not limited to):

  • Company registration
  • Corporate documents
  • Bank account confirmation
  • A business plan, as well as financial and marketing plans
  • Documents from all employees, including passport copies and criminal records
  • Technical documentation, including software and hardware certifications

How can Slotegrator help?

  • 1
    Understanding the client’s preferences
  • 2
    Signing a contract
  • 3
    Administration and paperwork
  • 4
    Acquiring a license
The cost of acquiring a gambling license

Gambling license costs vary. Fees set by the regulators and commissions of given jurisdictions are applicable as well.

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