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Online Casino License

Online casino license guarantees the reliability and fair operations of the gambling platform. Apart from helping to gain the players’ trust, it allows engaging in legal gambling activities in the state which issued the gambling license.

When all legal issues are resolved, licensed online casinos are officially controlled by state auditors, transactions are protected, and the payouts are guaranteed by the law.

Requirements for getting a gambling license

Each jurisdiction has a standard set of documents required for obtaining a license:

  • Passport copy;
  • Company owner’s certificate of criminal record;
  • Confirmation from the lawyer working with the company;
  • Bank confirmation that the company has opened an account.

Any gambling commission has the right to create any additional requirements. Jurisdictions with strict laws may also require documents on:

  • Managers and employees’ professionalism(all employees related to the company prove their experience in the gambling industry)
  • Company resources and structure(business plan, accounting and audit documentation, etc.)
  • Software(certificates from test labs)
  • Website(official information on payouts, games conditions, etc.)
  • Owner's reputation(any information about the side business or participation in illegal activities will create problems)

Jurisdictions issuing gambling licenses

Jurisdiction is a state which issues licenses for online casinos. Permission to create a gambling business is usually valid only in the country which has issued a license, so large casinos need to acquire several gambling licenses in different countries to gain access to new players.
Every country imposes taxes on gambling business independently, and certain jurisdictions are more interested in making the process of obtaining a license easier. Slotegrator will help you to learn more about the top jurisdictions where obtaining a license is worth considering.



Gaming Commission in Maine

After the gambling legalization, Maine has created one of the strictest industry regulations in the world. To apply for a gambling license there, potential operators should pay $1.500. The annual payment is $55.000.


Belgium Gambling License

Belgium is one of the first European countries which legalized gambling. Today it is a very attractive destination to start a business due to its clear legislation and constant monitoring of gambling activities.


Danish Online Gaming License

The Danish Ministry of Taxes and Duties has established a Gambling Commission that oversees the operation of casinos. However, licenses are issued by the Danish Tax Administration, which makes the process complicated as it conducts various inspections frequently.


Curacao Gambling Commission

Curacao gives permission to handle all kinds of gambling activities and has been issuing licenses since 1996. With the help of modern software, local authorities manage to solve any technical issues that may arise during cooperation.

Costa Rica

Gambling Jurisdiction of Costa Rica

There are no gambling licenses in Costa Rica. Every entrepreneur can have permission to transfer data and engage in any kind of gambling business. However, this permission is not recognized by most banks and game developers around the world.


Gambling License in Italy

Italy allowed AAMS commission to monopolize the control over the gaming industry in 2006. Currently, it is an online casino license provider in the country, and it controls all processes related to obtaining permission for gambling business.


Online Gambling License in Estonia

The Estonian government decided to legalize gambling business after experiencing the economic crisis in 2008. Today, each type of gambling activities is subject to an individual tax. Registering a casino in Estonia is complicated but the country’s gambling market is one of the most attractive ones in the world.

Great Britain

UK Gambling Jurisdiction

UKGC is the local gaming control authority. After receiving permission, operators are able to offer all types of gambling activities to players from the United Kingdom. The license in this country is quite expensive, as the application costs $45.000 and operators have to pay $90.000 every year. Also, the tax on gambling business equals 15% of the total income.


License for Online Casino in Alderney

Alderney allows operators to accept bets from players from any country. Control authorities differentiate between the casino owner and the software provider, so it is necessary to get two separate permissions. The application price in both cases is $15.000. A gambling license will cost $100.000 a year, while the permission to provide software will cost $15.000 every year.


Gambling License in Gibraltar

This country has an internationally recognized gaming industry control body. Getting a license in this country is absolutely free, but everyone who receives it must pay at least $ 3.000 in taxes every year, as well as 10% of the total income.


Maltese Gambling License

Maltese commission is strict but the most loyal to players. Casinos which manage to get the gambling license on Malta, automatically become top companies in the industry. Control authorities supervise the reliability of payments and protection of personal information, as well as resolve disputes between players and casinos.

Online gambling license cost

Prices for online casino license range from $10.000 to $350.000. Most of the time if the cost of the license is relatively small, there are strict document requirements. Slotegrator helps operators with all the legal issues which may arise.

Create an online project from scratch

Our primary objective is to start a successful online project, supervise its development, and ensure maximum return on investment for our clients. We provide all necessary support during the development of the online project. Our sales managers take a personalized approach and attend to each customers’ specific needs. Request a tailored offer for online casino development by filling in the application form.

How to get a license for an online casino with Slotegrator

Slotegrator helps to prepare all the documents required by any jurisdiction to get permission to start a gambling business and buy an online casino license. Obtaining a license for an online casino can be done in 3 simple steps:


01 Consultation

Our experts will answer any questions related to obtaining a gambling license. We will also create a step-by-step plan to legally register a casino in the chosen country.

Gathering documents

02 Gathering documents

Apart from collecting the necessary documents, obtaining a license also includes fulfilling certain compliance requirements. Slotegrator assists in the preparation of the required documentation.

payment systems

03 Connecting
payment systems

Slotegrator helps with opening a bank account and integrating the payment systems to the client’s platform. This allows the players to make deposits with various currencies through numerous payment methods.

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