With the Internet growth throughout the world, a virtual entertainment industry is boosting at a tremendous speed every year. According to data published by one of the European universities, - 40% of all Internet users play online games. In addition, you can find statistics of various research companies claiming that the share of active users in the network exceeds 50% today.

Active online gamers are users of all ages - from children to retirees. On the Internet, everyone can find entertainment by own preference: someone is fighting monsters, someone prefers intelligent puzzles, and someone is lucky at online casinos.

People are passionate about gambling - even those who have never been to any casino. As the Russian famous poet, Alexander Pushkin, said, “From all earthly passions the strongest one is the obsession with the game.”

Traditionally, online casinos come with many myths and stereotypes. These stories are often based on unreliable or subjective information. Stereotypes about online casinos are mostly negative.

In order to slightly dispel the fog from myths, the Slotegrator company collected the most interesting facts about online casinos:

► The world’s very first online casino was created in 1997. It was named as Internet Casino System Version IV. Today, over 2000 official and legal gambling establishments are registered on the World Wide Web.

► The biggest win in the history of online casinos had been paid out by the PAF gambling site in Finland. A newcomer in gambling, a resident of Helsinki, after just 30 minutes of playing at Mega Fortune, had won almost 18 million euros.

► Online casinos, along with classic gambling, also provide lotteries. Surprisingly, they are more demanded according to statistics. Total income of gambling establishments are accounted for about 55%. Moreover, the statistics states that every second inhabitant of the planet has played a lottery at least once in his life.

► Cypriots are considered as a nation that spend the most money on online casinos. Annually, about 2.5 million euros fall to the Internet gambling. If you consider that the population of Cyprus - only 800 thousand inhabitants, it turns out that each inhabitant leaves about 3125 euros at online casino.

► As the statistics show, people over 30 years old are involved into gambling more often. Every day, these players spend from 3 to 5 hours on online gambling.. However, young people prefer other Internet entertainments not involving monetary risks.

► Active gamblers of online casinos are 11% of the total number of Internet users from around the globe. According to statistics, most of them prefer poker to other classic gambling games.

► As the latest data show, today most of the online casino audience consists of men. Their share is about 84%. Women are inherently less adventurous, but recently the proportion of active female players has been increasing annually.

► It is real to play online for free. Nowadays, most online casinos today offer to experience a gaming without money. Therefore, it is a wonderful opportunity for those gamblers who are interested in the game process more than in the prize, so that they can enjoy it without spending a penny.

► The countries, which legalized online casinos, also applied age restrictions. Somewhere, even teenagers are allowed to gamble, while on other territories, people are accessed to gambling entertainment only after reaching the age of 21.

► All the stories about effective winning strategies are just myths, according to many scientists. Their conclusions are based on the most complicated calculations. In addition, as it was proved by Albert Einstein, it is impossible to calculate the regularity of the fallout of numbers in roulette. In other words, all the theories published on the Internet and secret techniques have no practical confirmation.

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