Today, affiliate programs are considered to be one of the most effective tools in online casino promotion. We suggest taking a closer look at them.

How do affiliate programs work?

Affiliate programs are a form of collaboration between a gambling business and a website that agrees to advertise it. Online casinos sign contracts with affiliate programs, and affiliates start attracting potential players to the gambling resource.

In order to do that, affiliates post reference links or place online casino ad banners on their websites or social networks. Then, their users click on these links and get automatically redirected to the gambling platform.

The affiliate program pays a certain percentage of commission to the affiliate depending on the player’s actions. As a result, online casino websites receive traffic, while affiliates get rewarded if visitors start gambling.

Affiliate program types

There are three main types of online casino affiliate programs:

  1. Single-tier. Affiliates receive payments for gamblers attracted to the casino and their losses.
  2. Two-tier. In addition to being paid for each gambler they attract, affiliates receive fees for attracting other affiliates.
  3. Multi-tier. Affiliates get an additional commission for a wider number of affiliates in different tiers in the affiliate network.

Also, affiliate programs can be divided by the way fees are paid to webmasters:

  1. Pay per click (PPC). Affiliates earn a commission each time the user clicks on the affiliate link.
  2. Cost per view (CPV). Affiliates make a profit each time a user sees their ad.
  3. Cost per action (CPA). Webmasters are paid if the user fulfills some action such as registering, leaving feedback, downloading something, or subscribing.
  4. Pay per sale (PPS). Affiliates receive a certain payment from each attracted gamblers’ loss.

How do affiliates help casinos?

1. Promotion

Affiliates play an important role in online casinos’ promotion. Advertising gambling platforms with affiliates helps operators save money on marketing. Apart from that, if operators participate in the affiliate program, they get access to the network’s tools, which help analyze how effective the promotion is. For instance, operators are able to learn which banners and advertisements work best.

2. Credibility

Affiliates have various tools that they use to promote online casinos, such as video streaming and game reviews. Marketing instruments like these help increase brand recognition and popularize the platform. If affiliates positively promote an online casino, it creates a good reputation and assists in attracting potential players.

How do you pick the right affiliate services for your casino?

Today there are many affiliate programs with different functions and offers, so operators should keep in mind several aspects before choosing the right one.

1. Reporting system

An affiliate program should be equipped with a multi-functional reporting system to ensure full control of its processes by the operator. Such reporting systems may be different, depending on affiliate programs. Main types include short reports, analytics, click lists, payment histories, and commission reports.

2. Target audience

Before choosing an affiliate program, operators should analyze the audience of potential affiliates, as it should correlate with the casino’s users. It is important that affiliates promote gambling platforms to clients who are likely to become players in the future. Therefore, the website of the affiliate should feature topics related to the gambling industry and casino sphere. Apart from that, an affiliate’s audience should be analyzed according to factors such as age and country of residence.

3. Marketing tools

It is necessary to use various marketing techniques to attract potential players. Therefore, operators should look at the marketing and advertising tools used by the chosen affiliate. It is better to sign contracts with affiliates who are ready to use various tools on their websites, such as banners, links, videos, and flash ads.

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4. Credibility and performance

An affiliate program should be popular and credible within the gambling industry. So, it is better for operators to analyze the network’s results in generating traffic, conversions, and retention techniques. To achieve success in affiliate marketing, operators should choose a trusted program with positive statistics.

It is important to note that affiliate marketing is only a part of an online casino promotion strategy. Internal marketing tools and techniques, as well as a high-quality platform, are essential factors for a casino’s success.