Gaming license has many advantages and benefits for operators as it helps to create a reputation of a high-quality and reliable platform. One of the jurisdictions issuing prestigious gaming licenses is Gibraltar. Let’s see how to obtain legal permission for gaming business there.


Gibraltar is the EU member and one of the Great Britain territories, located on the Iberian Peninsula.

Gibraltar started issuing gaming licenses at the beginning of 1998. Nowadays, this activity is regulated by the Gambling Act adopted in 2005, which contains all major rules of obtaining a gaming license. Licenses are issued by the Licensing Department, and the Gambling Commission regulates the activity.

It should be emphasized that Gibraltar jurisdiction appreciates its reputation and issues licenses only to companies that had licenses from other authoritative bodies and have proven themselves as reliable companies.

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Types of gambling licenses in Gibraltar

In Gibraltar, it is possible to obtain licenses for:

  • online gaming B2C operator;
  • online betting B2C operator;
  • other online B2C gambling products;
  • land-based B2C gaming operator;
  • land-based B2C betting operator;

Requirements to obtain a Gibraltar gaming license

The Licensing Authority will only consider licensing companies with experience in gambling, other licenses in reputable jurisdictions, good financial condition and with a realistic business plan.

The other requirements are:

  • information about key personnel including shareholders, directors and executive managers;
  • business control should be exercised in Gibraltar;
  • gambling products and services should be certified and be compliant with Gibraltar's regulatory model and standards.

Gibraltar gambling license cost

Application fee


Any kind of license fee per year


The license is issued for 5 years.

Gambling business tax is 1% from revenues. Moreover, tax can’t be higher than £425,000 and lower than £85,000 per year. This tax is very profitable and almost zero for huge companies with higher revenues. Tax is levied on a common basis for all gambling business types.

Challenges and advantages of gambling license in Gibraltar

It is better to apply for a license in this jurisdiction only with experience and reputation, so getting a gaming license there is a big challenge for starting companies. Also, the process is usually complicated and long.

However, Gibraltar gaming license has various advantages:

  • prestige and high reputation;
  • profitable taxation;
  • high government guarantees;
  • gambling activity security;
  • reliable legislation and sustained economy.

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