While being in the process of an online casino creation, it is important to keep the casino target market in mind. According to gaming market experts, in order to create a successful and profitable casino, it is crucial to find out who will be your customers. Understanding an online casino target audience is important as it influences the selection of game content, providers, payment systems, language options, marketing strategies, etc.

How to understand who are the online casino players? To answer this question and identify the main groups of potential customers, consider these characteristics: motivation, game types and demographic profile.

What motivates people to play?

All casino target customers may be divided into two main groups with their own goals.

Regular customers.

They are players who visit casinos regularly and systematically. The first group of players may have different motivations. For example, some gamblers are real professionals with their own strategies. They win money masterfully, are able to stop at any time and consider casinos to be their primary source of income. These players know exactly what they want. Attracting these customers is profitable as your casino gets reliable and loyal players. A way to get them interested is to offer attractive conditions for regular customers, provide special bonuses for the most active players and offer interesting loyalty programs.

Another motivation for regular customers to stay in a casino is ludomania or addiction to gambling. The operator should define this problem and apply all necessary measures, for instance, add such players to a block list and limit access to the site. Some gambling venues have a function of a ten-minute break, which is repeated every 50 minutes in order to allow players to make pauses in the game. Of course, gambling addicts may bring regular income but it should be noted that this group of customers is at risk and will not create a positive image of the gambling house.

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Occasional players.

These players visit gaming portals from time to time because of their curiosity. The second group of players visits gambling websites to have fun, try something new or just kill time. Usually, these gamblers choose casinos randomly without going into game details. Guided by passion, such players may leave large sums of money in the casino, so, attracting them is profitable as well. This can be done with the help of bright advertising, various bonuses for beginners, prizes for registration, and unusual design.

Target audience by the game type

In successful casinos, games are selected in such a way that each potential customer could find suitable ones. Preferred types of games, their themes and functionality divide the audience into groups. It is possible to distinguish the following main types of games:

  1. Traditional fruit slots. These slots have clear rules, simple interface, and no special difficulties. These machines will be loved by players who have spent time in land-based gambling halls.
  2. Card and table games. These ones include poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette. These games are for conservative players and fans of classical casinos. These games should be included in the casino's portfolio because they have been keeping players interested for many decades.
  3. 5-reel slots, 3D slots, slots with quest elements. These games are loved by players favoring trends and innovations of the modern gambling market. A variety of themes, features and bonus games of modern online slots is unlimited. The main thing is to give players a wide choice of options, provide the most popular games from well-known brands and follow the latest innovations of the market.
  4. Slots for women. Currently, there is a tendency that slot machines become more popular among women. That is why game developers started to produce slots more appealing to women by storylines from popular movies and well-known characters.

Demographic profile of the target audience

Researchers distinguish three main groups of online casino audience:

  1. Middle-aged men and women with high income visit casinos because of curiosity, the possibility to try their luck and skills, as well as use different strategies in practice.
  2. Middle-aged men and women with low income visit gambling portals in order to win and improve their financial shape.
  3. Young men and women with different income levels consider casinos as a source of entertainment and an opportunity to get fun.

The psychological motivation of gamblers

Attraction to gambling is known since ancient times, and there is a belief that players gamble to gain. This opinion is under questions as players winning a large amount of money do not necessarily stop the game. It is important to understand that psychological reasons are very different, including the desire to experience risk, gain money, show skills, etc.

Casino operators should remember that everyone wants to experience gambling charm and passion at least once, and their online casino should be the right place to provide players with such an opportunity.