Target Audience for Decentralized Gambling Apps

Today, more and more gambling DApps are being developed using various blockchain networks. Step by step, they are gaining new users and entering new markets. Slotegrator suggests analyzing the target audience for DApps.

Who might be interested in gambling DApps?

First, as decentralized applications are based on blockchain technology, they capture the interest of blockchain enthusiasts and other people keen on innovative technologies. Among them are investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, crypto-anarchists, technology developers, and people interested in progressive solutions.

Therefore, gambling DApps are potentially attractive for people who may not have ever played slots or other casino games but love new technologies. Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts often check out DApps dedicated to different industries purely out of interest in the way decentralized technology works and develops.

This specific group of technology enthusiasts usually consists of young people aged between 20 and 35 years old. That sounds promising for gambling DApps, as their decentralized blockchain base can bring in a new type of audience that continues to grow all over the world.

However, despite decentralized casinos’ potential and engaging loyalty programs, the visitors they attract may be unsatisfied with their interface and design. Blockchain-based casinos usually offer a limited number of games to play, as just a few top gaming content developers provide software that supports blockchain. Furthermore, as decentralized gambling platforms are mainly focused on technological advances, rather than having an attractive appearance, the design may be poor compared to traditional online casinos. Therefore, gambling DApp developers may want to focus more on their interface and appearance so that these platforms will be more visually appealing to players.

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Gambling DApps and old-schoolers

Gambling DApps have the potential to become extremely popular among the younger generation. However, old-school players may not be that interested in blockchain-based casinos.

The traditional online casino audience consists of different types of people, but many of them started using online platforms after playing in traditional land-based casinos. These gamblers are primarily interested in the game process and favor online platforms for their convenience, rather than the technologies behind them. Moreover, these players are likely to choose traditional online casinos because of the significantly wider range of games and slots available.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that despite the high level of security and transparency guaranteed by cryptocurrencies, they are still not considered trustworthy by some old-school gamblers. Players aged 45 and older usually prefer fiat money, as they are often not that familiar with blockchain technologies and how crypto wallets work. Making deposits and withdrawals with fiat money usually seems more reliable to this type of gambler. Moreover, one of the main problems with cryptocurrencies is their volatility. Their value can drop significantly, costing gamblers money they wouldn’t have lost if they had deposited in more familiar dollars or euros.

Gambling DApps and new markets

As for targeted markets, decentralized gambling platforms’ operators get an opportunity to attract players from countries where gambling is strictly regulated. There are some countries where gambling is not prohibited by law, so citizens are free to gamble, but, banks and other financial institutions are not legally allowed to process transactions involving gambling sites. That means that citizens of these countries don’t have the opportunity to gamble, as they can’t make deposits. In this case, DApps are the right solution, as cryptocurrencies are deposited and withdrawn directly in a P2P way without third parties such as banks being involved.

Gambling DApps have the potential to increase in popularity over time due to their advantages, such as security, fairness, and transparency. With the development of blockchain technology and the trust it will gain in the future, decentralized gambling platforms may become a popular alternative to traditional casinos.

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