Gambling business is getting more appealing and profitable with each passing year. Online segment is earning its place in the sun that proves owners and executives of gambling establishments are billionaires. Online gambling continues to make progress through innovations bringing grist to the mill for those who is steering this kind of business. So, TOP-5 business leaders who found the pot of gold at online gambling.

Mark Scheinberg – $4.1 bln

The list is topped by the Canadian businessman and the co-founder of Rational Entertainment Enterprises. Mark together with his father established the most famous poker site in the world - PokerStars - and had successfully been operating it over 13 years. In 2014, the enterprise had completely disengaged from business, being bought by a little-known Amaya Gaming Group.

The Scheinbergs sold their brainchild for record $4.9 bln. Mark received his fair share amounting to 75% of total shares. Within a couple of years, his income increased up to $4.1 bln. The businessperson took up the 369th position in Forbes magazine’s list and became the 10th richest person according to the Canadian ranking.

Denis Coates – $3.8 bln

This woman demonstrates a terrific hyperactivity and a hard work, successfully moving up in the Online Casino Billionaires ranking as high as that of men. Denis has founded and has been effectively operating the Bet365 online betting site. She owns 75% of the company’s stock.

Denis says that this business requires a 24-hour attention. However, the businesswoman has found the strength to become a mother of five children.

According to Forbes insight for 2016, Denis holds 403d position in the billionaires’ list and 14th place in the British raking. Since the publication, Coates’ net worth reached $4.1 bln.

Teddy Sagi – $3,3 bln

The Israeli businessman, having located his business in London, has jointly found one of the most famous providers of software and gaming content for casino – Playtech.

According to Forbes magazine, at the time of publication in 2016, the businessperson occupied the 495th place in the billionaires’ rating and the 6th one in the Israeli top list.

John Coates – $1.9 bln

John is the co-founder of the British bookmaker site, Bet365, and Denise Coates’ younger brother. Now, he holds one-quarter of company’s stock portfolio.

The business professional is confidently moving up to the world’s top richest people, having jumped over of the 1533d position in 2015 to the 959th a year later. In the British list of billionaires, John takes the deserved 28th place.

David Baazov – $800 mln

Despite the fact that the David’s fortune has not reached the billion mark, this man is worthy to take the honorable 5th place in the ranking of successful people who made a capital on online gambling.

The businessman started his life from the very bottom – he used to be homeless, but persistently strove to improve his social status, differing with remarkable intellect and courage to make key decisions.

David has been one of the directors of a small Canadian company, Amaya that became famous due to his talent.

David has spent several years trying to reach an agreement and to find support from shareholders and investors. As a result, Amaya get PokerStars into its possession. Having partially sold his shares, Baazov became a millionaire at the age of 34.

After David quit the company, there is still talking about his fantastic success and likely return to the executive board.

In Conclusion

Those online gambling participants who make their initiatory steps on the thorny path to fame and coveted billion, one can advise only one thing: do not just stand still; do not expect a success to show up by itself without your involvement. Only rational, determined and active owners of online casinos are able to join the lists of Forbes, and become known all around the globe.

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