Year 2017 draws to a close, so the Slotegrator’s team decided to give you the gist of what to expect from online casino in 2018. We built our prognosis on the results of outgoing year . 2017 brought us the big rise of the industry: thematic games, the first steps in VR, the switch to the live format and bitcoin analytics.

Nevertheless, according to Slotegrator, the year 2018 will become one more year of prosperity for the gambling industry. Here are the main tendencies of the sector that will flourish in 2018.


It is pretty obvious that in the nearest future VR will spread throughout the online-gambling industry. We strongly recommend to think about introducing this technology, so that you won’t regret about doing it too late. Large developers have already invested in virtual reality.

Next year, the price reduction and specialized software release will denote a new era in the world of gambling. Thanks to VR the users will be able to walk through the arcades, interact with other players, personally choose a game table and pull the lever of one arm bandit.

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According to the experts, the VR market will bring the profit of more than $110 billion by 2025.


In the past two years more and more live casinos are being launched in the market. In 2018 this trend will be developing. As for today, several new developers announced that they plan to launch a live dealer casino. Thanks to the increasing number of products and their variations, the sphere will continue growing. The developers will focus not only on games, but also on improving the Internet connection and the quality of picture transmission. The year 2018 will bring to the market a very interesting and diverse range of games with a live gaming table.

Skill games

Skill games is a type of gaming where the winning does not depend on luck, but on user’s skills and strategies. This kind of gambling stands good chances of becoming a trend in the year 2018. To date, a number of providers announced the development of platforms combining a standard game and a set of strategies. The target audience of this product is the gamers, who appreciate the opportunity to manage the game.

More gamification

Gamification is traditionally used in marketing tool to encourage the customers to use a particular brand thanks to different events, for example, interesting missions, tasks, various competitions and, of course, prizes. The peak of this trend is expected in 2018.

The approach of immersion into a gameplay will make the game more interesting. The casinos will be suggesting something new, fresh, like bonuses and spins, which are changing along with the day of the week. Nowadays, the operators are already working on the restructuring of their loyalty program.

More content

You can find games with traditional themes, as well as the games based on some current trends in modern online-casinos. Films, series, TV shows, other games, music and even foodstuffs will influence the subject matter of the online casinos. Some of the operators as a reward, suggest playing different thematic games or watch story videos.

During the next year, the online casinos will use popular themes in their products even more. However, the focus will be put on detailing of storylines in the slots. This will promote the games to a new level: film fans will get special slots, and those who strive for the thrill of the competition can enjoy fresh and interesting stories.

Big data

The collection and storage of data will have greater impact on the gambling business in 2018. The more information is collected, the better developers can adapt the games to a potential customer. As a result, the popularity of the product will grow. Read the article: Using teh Big Data technology in online gambling.

Long-term prospects

The gambling industry is rapidly evolving and by 2020, its profit will exceed its maximum $60 billion. In this regard, lately there has been a tendency for consolidation. The developers are constantly introducing innovations to broaden the number of customers and game diversity. Slotegrator keeps up with all current tendencies on the market. We will protect your business from failures and make you the front-runner in the sphere.