Lotto Instant Win

Lotto Instant Win

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Lotto Instant Win is a live lottery service of the Zagreb-based lottery company Pin Projekt Ltd with over 15 years in the gaming industry. The developer has crafted a new approach to live lottery games: Lotto Instant Win’s technology allows having numerous draws and games with high frequency in comparison to classic live lotteries. This way, the developer is closer to the frequency of virtual games but maintains the credibility of the real-life lottery games.

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Number of games 20+
Types of games Live dealers
Regions of operation Eastern European region, Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, Latin America
License eCogra
Technologies HTML5
Free spins No
Jackpots Yes

Online Casino Games from Lotto Instant Win

Lotto Instant Win has built 6 studios with exciting games in each. Studio 1 provides a mix of casino games, lottery, and betting on live events. Players can bet on three different games every seven minutes with up to 180 draws daily. Studio 2 gives a chance to bet on Win 5/20 and Win 10/20 and offers over 400 daily draws. In Studio 3, players can enjoy a roulette inspired lottery game, and Studio 4 takes everyone to the journey to the world of Keno games.

Studio 5 has an innovative game to offer: players can find synchronized dual drums, each holding a different number of balls and automated sorting. Last but not least, Studio 6 allows trying the latest company’s edition — Sic Bo.

Lotto Instant Win offers its lottery games to players across the world. The top game in the Eastern European region, Europe, Africa, Latin America is the Studio 1’s Lucky Six game. The players in Asia prefer Win 1/37 from Studio 3, while Scandinavian players choose Keno games available in Studio 4. Fascinating company’s games will be an essential part of any online casino that is intended to attract new players.

Why Integrate Games from Lotto Instant Win?

  • Round the clock live streaming
  • Multiple draws with a new draw every minute
  • Detailed back office and high-level reporting
  • Fixed-odds betting 
  • Two different studio setups with an option to have a native language speaking hostess
  • Optimization for all platforms
  • Professional dealers

Lotto Instant Win’s adrenaline games are undoubtedly worth integrating for online casino platforms looking for new loyal users. All of the developer’s games are available for integration with the unified APIgrator solution. Contact Slotegrator’s sales team and get a commercial offer. 

Top games from Lotto Instant Win

Keno 20-80
Keno 10-80
Keno 5-80
Win 10-20
Win 7-48
Win 1/37