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Evolving by leaps and bounds: The Casino Kit solution enters the iGaming world

January 11, 2021
8 min

The online gambling industry is continuously advancing at warp speed, demanding its audience — developers, aggregators, operators, and affiliates — keep up with the times. Inevitably, the constant search for creative solutions leads to new iGaming innovations, one of which is the Casino Kit platform paired with WordPress.

What is the Casino Kit platform?

There probably isn’t an online casino operator in the iGaming universe who hasn’t heard about Turnkey and White Label gambling platform solutions, which help entrepreneurs quickly start their business and take most of the development process out of their hands. The difference between these two options is that while Turnkey solutions are orientated more towards operators just stepping onto the iGaming stage, White Label platforms suit the interests of established businesses planning to expand their reach.

But despite being the most popular among operators, these two platform solutions are not the only kind. The Slotegrator development team has recently unveiled another tremendously creative solution that combines a backend produced by the software supplier with a frontend designed by the operator. The new solution, Casino Kit, allows its owners to take total control over the design for an online project — a massive advantage when it comes to implementing all their specifications into websites’ interfaces.

Technically, the newly developed platform solution is fully geared up to ensure everything on the server-side operates reliably, coming equipped with a wide range of necessities. The backend includes game content and payment method integration, as well as installation of all technical modules for the smooth and seamless functioning of an online casino.

Additionally, the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), used by millions of websites, plays a vital role in running the Casino Kit platform. The plugin architecture of the well-known open-source CMS allows operators to install features of different difficulties and consequently to take an online casino project to another level by tailoring operators’ websites to their business goals.

How does it operate?

The principles of Casino Kit development are similar to the Turnkey solution. The only difference between the two platforms is that Casino Kit presents operators with the opportunity to create the website’s frontend on their own. In other words, operators — and only operators — are responsible for the design of their platform and its success among targeted audiences.

To draw back the curtains on the development process, we start with the following: in the early stages, operators do not bother themselves with the technical questions, which are handled by the software supplier. Casino Kit owners can dedicate all of their time to the platform’s frontend, while the developer works on its unified API and the WordPress platform in order to eliminate any potential threats or flaws that might cause the system to malfunction.

Once Casino Kit is ready, operators choose the frontend design of the platform. There are three possible roads leading to the determination of an online casino’s design — operators select one of the developer's frontend templates, create one on their own with the supplier’s assistance, or purchase a third-party ready-made template.

Before launching an online project, the platform owner receives a list of recommended plugins that, if necessary, can be added to improve the functionality of a project at any time. Once the site is launched, operators can make any frontend adjustments and changes on their own — without dealing with the software developer on the way to the final stage.

Basic advantages

Total frontend customization

Quite often, operators have a clear vision of how they want their casino to appear in the eyes of their targeted markets. However, they can run into some apparent obstacles, such as greater technical complexity, financial limits, or a limited line of ready-made design templates. With the time taken and costs incurred by an extensive development process, making their vision a reality can seem like an unaffordable luxury in times of severe competition.

The Casino Kit solution offers operators full control over the frontend system of an online casino. In case changes to the platform are necessary, operators don’t have to contact the software developer, explain themselves, and then wait for the adjustments to be implemented; they can simply make changes at will. The flexibility to make instant adjustments, while other platform owners are tightly tied to their software supplier, is one of Casino Kit’s biggest advantages.


The Multisite mode is a very effective strategy for attracting new audiences. The operator can run an unlimited number of sites, adding or eliminating some by choice, while managing all of them via a unified administration panel.

The Multisite feature also lets the operator determine how his projects will be positioned in the iGaming world — as different branches of a single brand, or completely independent of each other. To enter new markets, an operator can either create a totally new project for their casino or keep expanding their established brand, setting the frontend design of the platform in accordance with the needs of their target markets. In any case, no matter how many websites the operator opens, they are all managed centrally, from a single control panel with a unified database.

The primary goal of the system is to create more opportunities for businesses to come up with marketing strategies that may draw more attention to themselves.

It’s also important to note that Casino Kit adds another new feature to operators’ arsenals. A circle of websites belonging to the platform owner can be used by their partners or third-party operators. In such cases, the terms and policy of cooperation, as well as the spectrum of the functionality, are set to be determined on an individual basis.

Affiliate strategies

Casino Kit lets operators unleash the full potential of affiliate partnerships to organically attract new traffic by establishing affiliate sites under the operator’s control. Affiliates can set a domain name for the affiliate website, shape the colour scheme, and also take responsibility for running certain pages, such as "News" — with the website owner’s approval. The nuances and details of such partnerships may vary from case to case depending on the negotiations between platform owners and their affiliates.

What are the benefits for operators? The first is that they have ultimate control over the platform, which leads to the second: they can monitor all of the statistics of the players attracted by the affiliate partner. Furthermore, operators have the last word in any disputes that arise while resolving potential issues, and they also have the right to clearly outline the platform functionality, tailoring their business to their goals.

What distinguishes Casino Kit from Turnkey and White Label solutions?

As an online casino platform solution, Casino Kit inevitably draws comparison to similar offers such as Turnkey and White Label solutions. The resemblance begs the question: what sets Casino Kit apart?

Compared to the Turnkey platform, Casino Kit presents operators with the same range of backend opportunities: game content, payment systems, a set of vital modules, marketing tools, customer service tools, and other features. But while they are quite similar to each other from a backend point of view, the distinction between the two becomes clear when considering the frontend system.

With the Turnkey solution, operators choose the design of their platform and convey their ideas and preferences — their vision — to the developer they’re collaborating with, who is responsible for the visual side of the project. After the launch, online casino owners might want to make a few extra corrections to the frontend. In this case, they have to take the following steps: reach their software supplier, request all the adjustments needed, and then wait for as long as it takes for the task to be resolved.

Regarding the Casino Kit solution, it’s far easier to make any frontend changes, since the product allows operators to devise their visual components independently of software providers. More importantly, when it comes to platform transformations or modifications, the operator manages the online casino design by themselves. This enables them to adapt it to, for example, the characteristics of targeted audiences or markets.

While Casino Kit and Turnkey solutions do not cover the administrative side of the business, which remains on the operators’ shoulders, the White Label platform leaves no iGaming stone unturned. It provides its owners with the entire spectrum of services, giving them plenty of time to concentrate exclusively on their online casino project.

However, it is vital to know that, before running the White Label platform, an operator needs to demonstrate their successful hands-on experience of online casino management. This is a must, as they will be operating under the developer's sublicense. Therefore, the developer side requires some guarantees; otherwise, the operator’s failure could impact the supplier’s reputation.

How can Slotegrator help you?

Online casino and sportsbook software provider Slotegrator offers a complete suite of solutions for launching and expanding an iGaming business, including Turnkey, White Label, and Casino Kit platforms.

Slotegrator sales managers are ready to help you choose the perfect solution for your business objectives. Additionally, if you’re interested in some separate solutions like game content or payment method integration, contact our specialists to learn more about our products and services.


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