In accordance with the EU requirements, the Nordic countries are gradually giving the green light to the gambling industry, which thus is gaining momentum. Currently, the executives actively adopt new legislative amendments. Online gambling market is booming. However, not all the countries are single-minded concerning online casino operators. 

Article summary

  1. What unites the Nordic countries 
  2. Scandinavian gambling in figures
  3. The gambling industry in Denmark
  4. The gaming industry in Sweden 
  5. The gambling industry in Norway
  6. Conclusion

Slotegrator experts have examined the legislative peculiarities of the states in the Nordic region and now offer you the results of the study in our gambling market overview.

What unites the Nordic countries 

Their governments are trying hard to keep a regime of monopoly in gambling, that is the very reason why the Scandinavian legislation is so strict concerning this industry. Scandinavian providers have very limited opportunities. The exception is Denmark that approved serious amendments of the laws in 2012. 

Being under pressure of the EU, Finland and Sweden are slowly beginning to interact with online casino operators. Norway is the only country that is not ready to quit the state monopoly in the gaming business. This country is not a member of the European Union; therefore, it doesn't comply with the legislation of the Alliance.

Scandinavian gambling in figures

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