Slotegrator is one of the leading aggregators of innovative solutions for online casinos. One of the main targets of the company is to track the increscent trends of the current gambling market in order to provide the most efficient consultation services and offer its clients quality customer support. In this very review, Slotegrator will analyze the newly arising tend, particularly oriented toward mobile platforms, which are considered to be the future of this fast developing industry. The trend itself implies integration of online casino bots into social nets and messengers.

The general concept of Telegram bots

Telegram is one the most popular messengers at the moment. One of its main advantages is complete anonymity. Customers’ texting content, channel subscriptions, as well as the most frequently used bots are secure and cannot be tracked or controlled by anyone at all. Anonymity is a major factor that predetermines the choice of a means of online communication for the majority of clients. For this very reason, Telegram is gaining more and more popularity these days.

The level of the increase is quite impressing: in May 2015, the number of users accounted for 62 mil., while by February 2016 their quantity boosted to 100 mil. “Bot” is a slang acronym standing for the word “robot”, a so called smart assistant. In this very review specialists from Slotegrator analyze the ways of using Telegram bots in order to boost online casinos’ popularity and, as a result, increase their profits.

Here you might also find explanations why it is one of the most effective ways to increase the profitability and popularity of such online platforms. What is the main principle of its functioning? Such programs as bots are instrumental in performing different tasks based on certain algorithms. For instance, they are able to translate and comment texts, train and test, search and provide information, ask and answer the questions, play and entertain, broadcast and aggregate, as well as integrate into the rest of services and platforms.

In terms of this very messenger, Telegram bots make up an entire army of little smart assistants that can be easily incorporated into groups, that can be shared, as well as you can create your own bots using a standard algorithm. Moreover, this is just only a short list of their functions.

As you can see, bots are quite handy in the way that they do not force users to close the messenger in order to gamble.

The advantages of creating a casino bot on Telegram

No wonder, that such characteristics make bots more and more popular, converting them into the brand new trend of 2017. In addition, one of the main factors that affects the success of any online casino, is popularity factor that forces to react to the newest tendencies and , eventually, integrate them into platforms. Broadly speaking, telegram bots mean new markets for online casino operators. Let us focus on the processes.

Penetration into new markets by means of Telegram bots is happening through the countries that have official bans on gambling and gambling traffic is eventually blocked. Telegram is the last resort for the gamblers from such countries, as long as it is one of the applications giving the access to highly sought gambling content. By using a bot, any gambler can connect to an online casino platform, as long as Telegram’s traffic does not have any content limitations, which is crucial for those who seek complete anonymity.

Another advantage of Telegram bots is that they are easy to use and understand. Due to this important quality, bots are gaining their popularity among the customers. From now on, gamblers do not need to enter the casino’s webpage, make sense of registration rules, go through complex authorization procedures, and look for the games, instead , they can simply launch a bot in their own messenger and gamble, texting their friends at the same time or flick through newsfeeds.

This logically brings us to the last, but not least advantage, which is the convenience of usage. Such a quality is based on the flexibility and multipurposeness of Telegram’s messenger. It’s structure enables you to read the latest news, share them, comment, etc. You can communicate, search, and structure certain important information, while entertaining yourself with videos, music, and games. This application transfers you to a brand new virtual world, where users immerse into another reality and all of the routine tasks are accomplished by helpful bots.

Operating principle

There are various catalogues of bots on Telegram. Any browser will provide you with dozens of links. From Slotegrator’s point of view, Telegram Bot Store is the most convenient catalogue to choose from. This catalogue offers bots categorized according to their popularity and release date, as well as languages and special sections such as: games, photos, videos, training, news, utility software, content for adults only and things of the same kind that allows users to install easily whatever they want.

It is quite easy to start working with a bot, you just need to choose it from the catalogue, follow the proper link or find its name via the search service and start messaging. In most cases, in order to launch a bot, you have to type the word “start” in the command line and press the corresponding button on the screen of your smartphone, if it is provided by its software. Operation processes are executed via adjustible buttons of the virtual keyboard, special commands in the command line, so that bot turns into a mini – application with easily understandable interface. Right after the first messaging contact, the bot will sent the gambler its background information, a couple of instructions, rules of the game, as well as the command list and will eventually show the available games on the screen. Consequently, this Telegram bot contacts the platform of the online casino hosted on the traditional webpage. In fact, this is a simulator of a simple roulette or slot machine. The gambler benefits from all of the functions and options provided by the website. As we mentioned above, the general control over the processes is executed through a list of commands that can be typed.

Let us have a closer look at the operating principle of the slot machine robot by analyzing a simple example. Having decided to gamble in Telegram, the player launches a bot on the smartphone , provided that the bot is attached to the online slot machine. This is how he gets connected to the online casino platform.

The key word ¨bet¨ is a command that is transmitted to the operator´s platform. The combination “add funds” gives the gambler access to various payment systems and the rest of options allowing to make online payments. In this case, Telegram only transmits the online game from the online casino platform via an emulation program. As you can see, the online bot functions in the way, as if the player was gambling on the online casino website. Via commands transmitted to the platform of the online casino, gamblers are able to execute all the necessary actions provided in the platform itself such as: betting, payoff withdrawal, gamble on real or virtual money or use Bitcoin.

The screenshot below illustrates the example of a bot program called “Grand casino” currently launched in a test run mode that gives an approximate understanding of the principle of interface functioning and payment transactions.

the example of a bot program called “Grand casino”

Currently bot is able to carry out payoff withdrawal through such services as QIWI, Yandex. Money, Payeer, Visa, MasterCard.

Fund withdrawal Choose the payment system: QIWI, Yandex. Money, Payeer, Visa, MasterCard

Gaming varieties

Without a doubt, we cannot claim that there is a great variety of games in terms of gambling on Telegram. The offers are quite scarce. Among the most popular games that attract more or less steady numbers of daily users on Telegram, we can name Texas Holdem Poker (PokerBot), Texas Holdem Poker Slots (Slotobot, Casino), roulette, and dice (Casino). Online casino operators still have a vacant field of operation, perspectives and good chances to fill this market niche.

For instance, we can analyze take the most popular gambling bots, such as PokerBot and Slotobot. Their visuals look as follows:

visuals look of the most popular gambling bots PokerBot and Slotobot - pic 1visuals look of the most popular gambling bots PokerBot and Slotobot - pic 2

Though, the general interface of PokerBot is not very convenient for the gambler, it is still very popular among users interested in gambling. Why? Obviously, because they have no alternative to this very game. According to the data provided by the American Gaming Association, the tastes of gamblers playing in Las Vegas are distributed as follows: 74% of visitors opt for slot machines, 14% —card games, 7% prefer dice and only 5%— roulette. However, this niche on Telegram is almost vacant.

 Интерфейс Slotobot

The interface of Slotobot, alternatively to PokerBot, is more convenient and instinctively understandable. The rules of the game are quite easy that makes this bot very attractive for the audiences. The usage of favorite emoji as reel symbols add up to the features of this bot. Basically, Slotobot simulates a classic 5⨉3 slot machine, as long as certain combinations of emoji bring certain payoffs. The official currency of this game is demo money.

The other important fact is the availability of the multilingual interface. This guarantees popularity among multilingual audiences. For instance, by May 2016 PokerBot has already been translated into 14 different languages and developers are still looking forward to expanding this list. This is another reason for such popularity of this bot.

PokerBot audience percentage rating in terms of language classification:

PokerBot audience percentage rating

Slotobot is available in Russian and English at the moment. So, this kind of gambling stream might be appealing for the online casino operators too, as long as it promises great commercial opportunities.

Promotion of an online casino bot

Similarly, a lion’s share of importance in bot promotion belongs to analytics. It is necessary to track regularly the sources of traffic, analyze the data, and manage it according to your own marketing and advertising strategies.

The main types of promotion include:

  • Fee-based banner advertising.
  • Feedback, ad posts and placement of comments on various resources and in online thematic communities.
  • Ads in catalogues and the rest of bot programs.
  • Obligatory presence of bots in all of the offered catalogues.
  • Marketing campaigns within implementation of referral links.

Let us analyze PokerBot as an example. In the following chart, you may see the most effective marketing tools used in bot promotion presented by developers. The charts also illustrate the communication strategies applied to your target audiences.

communication strategies PokerBot

The developers of Slotobot, having a wealth of experience in successful bot promotion campaigns, assure that the most quality traffic is coming directly from Telegram, as well as social nets and apps tightly connected with Telegram. Moreover, they believe, that previously mentioned Telegram Bot Store, proves to be very effective too.

Another efficient way of promotion involves usage of different popular on Telegram channels. The third approach that shows relevant results, lies in implementation of the system of referral links.

Operators’ profits

The financial benefits of launching an online casino bot in Telegram are more than obvious. The growth of profits depend greatly upon the numbers of active gamblers. The more players are involved - the higher the profits you get. The audience of mobile phone users are a so called “honeypot” for any operator. They are more superficial and lose easily, as long as they view gambling as a way to spend time with pleasure while texting friends, flicking through entertaining content and simply relaxing.

The process of creation and launching of a Telegram bot is quite easy and you may find hundreds of instructions of how to accomplish this. However, what is more important, Telegram bot should convert into an effective profitable tool, not just a regular project. One of the highlights in the operating principle of any Telegram bot is the online casino platform that is attached to it. That’s why the approaches to satisfying the customer should be well-thought and logical. In other words, mathematics comes to the fore. Effective bot functioning is based on well-weighed mathematical algorithms that enable operators to get high profits.

The other important detail is the visuals, or in other words, the interface of the bot. Reasoned, maximally convenient rules of the game, easily understandable interface, graphic design, all of that, influences the chances of your bot to become successful. So, despite of easiness of creation of a bot on Telegram yourself, it’s always better to delegate this task to professionals.

Slotegrator creates casinos on Telegram

Slotegrator keeps tracking the most recent tendencies and trends and is aimed at providing its clients with the immediate and quality support regarding their instant integration. The company has recently launched a new service connected with development and integration of Telegram bots into their online casino projects. Qualified programmers from Slotegrator cover such tasks as mathematical estimation, general calculations, creation of logical chains and potentially requested customer algorithms, as well as visuals of the interface. Currently, the company offers an already tested basic development project. In case of a need, it can be altered according to the certain requirements of a concrete client. The crew of professionals from Slotegrator is ready to provide you with a thorough consultation and manage the elaboration of your design specification.