Slotegrator is one of the leading aggregators of innovative solutions for online casinos. One of the main targets of the company is to track the increscent trends of the current gambling market in order to provide the most efficient consultation services and offer its clients quality customer support. In this very review, Slotegrator will analyze the newly arising tend, particularly oriented toward mobile platforms, which are considered to be the future of this fast developing industry. The trend itself implies integration of online casino bots into social nets and messengers.

Article summary

  1. The general concept of Telegram bots
  2. The advantages of creating a casino bot on Telegram
  3. Operating principle
  4. Gaming varieties
  5. Promotion of an online casino bot
  6. Operators’ profits
  7. Slotegrator creates casinos on Telegram

The general concept of Telegram bots

Telegram is one the most popular messengers at the moment. One of its main advantages is complete anonymity. Customers’ texting content, channel subscriptions, as well as the most frequently used bots are secure and cannot be tracked or controlled by anyone at all. Anonymity is a major factor that predetermines the choice of a means of online communication for the majority of clients. For this very reason, Telegram is gaining more and more popularity these days.

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