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A new step in the evolution of the online casino: the Casino Kit platform from Slotegrator

November 2, 2020
3 min

Sometimes a crisis can create a need for innovative new solutions. Examining the online casino sector with this in mind, the Slotegrator team has come up with a fresh take on platform development — the Casino Kit solution, perfectly combining a backend developed by the software supplier and a frontend designed by the operator.

As a result of the crisis and quarantine measures, the iGaming industry has experienced a sharp surge in players diving into the sea of online entertainment. However, it would be short-sighted for operators to simply content themselves with the current boost in revenues, as once the world has adapted to the new normal, new methods of player acquisition and retention will be needed. This is yet another reason why online casino owners should scrupulously plan out their business development strategies — and keep an eye out for anything that could give them an edge over the competition.

Slotegrator’s latest product, Casino Kit, is aimed at enhancing enterprises’ growth and expanding their reach. The WordPress-built platform allows operators to design their own frontend, either from a provided template or one of their own creation. The flexibility of the platform’s frontend system is a vital feature of the solution, presenting online gambling entrepreneurs with an unprecedented range of opportunities to promote their businesses to a wider audience. Additionally, the platform has a firm foundation, coming fully equipped with all the technical instruments an operator needs — game content, payment methods, administrative modules, and management tools.

Considering the tight competition in the online casino market, the ability to customise a frontend system and tailor it to a business’s objectives is a massive advantage over others fighting for their place in the iGaming sector. Personalisation helps to build brand awareness, which makes a difference when it comes to catching players’ attention. The Casino Kit platform serves both types of operators: those who have the complete vision of their platform frontend long before the launch, and those who are still looking for improvements after the platform goes live — if online casino owners see an opportunity to adapt their design once their platform is up and running, with Casino Kit, alterations are quick and easy to make.

Additionally, it is no exaggeration to call the Multisite feature one of the greatest marketing tools in the industry for attracting new audiences and entering new markets. Casino Kit operators can create an unlimited number of independent sites and manage them all from the unified administration panel. Each website can be customized according to geographical and cultural characteristics, meaning that each website project suits the needs and wants of targeted markets. Also, operators can always modify any of the websites’ frontends quickly, easily, and independently of a software supplier.

Also, the Casino Kit platform takes affiliate programs to an absolutely new level. Casino Kit helps build better affiliate partnerships by letting operators create a separate affiliate site. Affiliates offer their input on the site’s design, domain name, and architecture (terms vary on a case-by-case basis) with the site under the operator’s ultimate control. As the ultimate owner of the site, operators have the last word on any matters related to the site and full access to player data.

To learn more about the Casino Kit solution, contact Slotegrator’s sales department specialists, who are ready to walk you through your iGaming journey.


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