Emerging economies, growing population, and increasing broadband penetration combine to make African markets more and more attractive for investments in the iGaming sector. To learn how to make the most of the opportunities offered by this continent, join Slotegrator’s upcoming webinar.

Thanks to a growing population of already 1.3 billion, the youngest of any continent to boot, and the rapid emergence of local economies, Africa’s iGaming markets are becoming a tempting proposition for investors. Sports-obsessed, relatively wealthy countries like South Africa make for a betting company heaven, while the increasing availability of broadband internet throughout the continent is going to quickly create opportunities for online casinos to introduce state-of-the-art entertainment products like live dealer games.

If you are interested in investing in Africa, expanding your iGaming platform reach, taking your land-based business online, or just want to deepen your knowledge of the industry, you are welcome to join our upcoming free webinar. In it, we’ll take an in-depth look at the investment opportunities in the region and cover what’s needed to enter the local gambling markets successfully.

Slotegrator’s Sales Manager Nikolaj Plugatar will host the presentation “Striking while the iron is hot: how to launch an online gambling business in Africa” on Tuesday the 13th of April at 13:00 CET / 14:00 CAT / 15:00 EAT. He’ll explain:

  • Which African countries are the best targets for investing in iGaming
  • What the local audiences preferences are
  • What the licensing requirements are
  • What marketing tools are compliant with local laws
  • The budgeting aspect of launching an online gambling platform in the region

Don’t miss the opportunity to join in and learn everything there is to know on the topic from an expert with years of experience in the industry. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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