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“Dynamo” (Kiev) launches a brand new cyber sports line

December 27, 2016
2 min

December 22, “Dynamo” football club held a presentation of its brand new business line - cyber football. We should note, that this very FC turned out to be the first football club in Ukraine having such a business stream.

Due to numerous accomplishments of its athletes, Ukraine is in TOP 5 cyber sports countries along with the USA, South Korea, China and Sweden. However, cyber football is not acknowledged as a separate kind of sport in Ukraine. In light of lack of truly professional teams in the country, the majority of athletes are forced to join foreign clubs.

According to the data provided by the press relations service of the football club, the presentation was marked by the announcement of the name of the most talented cyber football player of Ukraine, who will perform in the typical for “Dynamo” Kiev colors in the upcoming games.

“The title of the first player of Dynamo (Kiev) cyber football team, specializing in FIFA discipline, was given to Vitaly Mukha, the champion of Ukraine 2016, more famous under the nickname “labotryas”. Vitaly already has such titles as champion of Ukraine and Ukraine’s runner-up, winner of 12 out of 15 live (LAN) FIFA16 tournaments in 2016, 3- time Kiev Championship winner, and participant of the world championship of 2016 in Paris. Currently Vitaly is completely focused on FIFA17”.

The participants of the presentation admitted, that the club is considering the possibility of gathering more teams for the rest of cyber sports streams (such as Dota 2, LoL, CS: GO, etc.). In addition to the said above, cyber sports will always make an essential part of various projects aiming at such matters as:

1. Support of talented Ukrainian cyber sports players and cyber sports teams, as well as creation of conditions for the promotion and professional development of such teams at the international level.

2. Creation of a professional system of tournaments and infrastructure of cyber sports in Ukraine.

3. Expansion of cyber sports audiences and their involvement into traditional football and vice versa.

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