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It's Slotegrator's Birthday! Meet an exclusive game with the exclusive gifts!

February 26, 2018
1 min

Just imagine, as many as six years, our team has been contributing to the progressive gambling world. Day-to-day, we are doing our best for every project thus broadening the circle of businesspeople in gambling. Soon is our Birthday, so we couldn't help preparing something special for you! Intrigued? Then meet a unique game from Slotegrator that tests your knowledge in online gambling!

All you need to do is to sign up on the link and to check your email after a while. Very soon, you will find there a letter with the detailed information about the game and the terms of participation.

Our game starts once the spring does and will last from 1 to 30 March. It consists of 5 stages with various difficulty levels: from beginner to expert. To complete each level you will have to recollect everything you know about the gambling industry and give 25 correct answers (5 in each level). Do some fancy footwork and show us what you can!

On a big day – 30 March, with the help of a random number service, we will officially announce 3 lucky winners, who correctly answered all the questions and deserved their generous rewards:

1st place – online casino custom logo, style and design development;

2nd place – 50% discount on exclusive slot creation;

3rd place – games integration from the top 8 providers without setup fee.

Register right now and join our game! Who knows, maybe you are the lucky winner!


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