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Login Casino Awards 2020: Slotegrator wins in three categories!

December 18, 2020
3 min

This year was long, unpredictable, and full of social and economic challenges. But when the obstacles are hard to overcome, the experience is that much more valuable. Slotegrator was hard at work launching new projects and putting new ideas into practice — and our efforts have been recognized: we are the winners of three Login Casino Awards!

Login Casino is an online magazine dedicated to iGaming. The website serves as a reliable source of industry news, a place to check out the new trends, and a way to stay in tune with the gambling world. Every year, the magazine hosts the Login Casino Awards to recognize the world’s leading providers, affiliates, software developers, bookmakers, and other companies that contribute to the industry. This year, Slotegrator was nominated in three categories: Best Webinar of 2020, Employer of the Year, and Marketing Guru — and after online voting concluded on 16 December, we found out we had placed highly in all three of them!

First place — Employer of the Year

We believe that talent is the key to success in any business. Slotegrator is a team of passionate professionals, and no matter if we’re working from home or from our office in Prague, we recognize the necessity of a healthy work-life balance, personal growth, and good corporate culture.

Our HR department is always striving to improve our work environment by listening to employees’ feedback and opinions. And as the company gets bigger every year, they make sure all the positions are filled with a steady influx of new talent. In the category Employer of the Year, we were awarded first place this year, and we are very happy to be recognized for our hard work!

Second place — Best webinar of 2020

Every year, Slotegrator goes to a lot of events to catch up with our partners and talk about the latest industry news. The iGaming world is extremely dynamic, with every couple of months giving us something to talk about — new legislation getting passed, markets opening up, and opportunities presenting themselves.

In 2020, Slotegrator had to shift much of this communication online, and we concentrated on webinars. “Mapping India: How to open an online casino on the Eastern Frontier of iGaming” was hosted on October 14 by our expert, Jashwant Patel, and covered everything from what games are popular in the region to what investment opportunities look promising and what type of company is best for legal and financial reasons.

Between all the great topics and speakers, there was some fierce competition in the Best Webinar category, so we are very proud to be recognized and awarded second place! If you are interested in the recording of the webinar, you can register here.

Second place — Marketing Guru

Marketing is the lifeblood of our industry. For both online casino operators and iGaming solution providers, the ability to be noticed and communicate value is paramount for a successful business.

As a B2B aggregator of solutions for sportsbooks and casinos (both online and land-based), Slotegrator always aims to be on the crest of the wave. Our analytical articles cover everything from how to get a license to expert advice for operators of all sizes in the form of interviews with industry leaders and innovators, regional analysis, and other useful material with easy-to-understand tables and infographics. On our Linkedin page we share analytical podcasts, calendars of game releases, and even a bit of fun. Follow us so you won’t miss out!

The industry standard of marketing is higher every year, so we are grateful for an award in this extremely competitive category.

This year was full of interesting challenges and opportunities. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us and supported us throughout this year, and we’re looking forward to continuing our mission to contribute to the growth and development of iGaming everywhere.

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