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New solution: Slotegrator releases its new gambling platform

May 16, 2022
2 min

A high-quality platform is the foundation of every successful online casino project. Our new platform solution is packed with features to help new operators grow and established brands take it to the next level.

Advances in technology and operators’ changing demands inspired us to create a new, more sophisticated solution for online casinos. Our goal was to develop a faster, more efficient, and more secure platform that would streamline business processes, create a better user experience, and result in a more successful project. The launch is now possible within several days, and clients’ requests can be solved with no delay.

The new platform keeps some of its predecessor’s features and adds new ones, including more possibilities to integrate with various gaming content, payment solutions, and mobile app providers. Besides the remaining modules that operators have already come to trust, they can also expect the following:

  • The Casino Builder module, which allows operators to change the website, constructing and designing a frontend according to their vision and goals using simple tools and without having to contact the software provider. A number of ready presets will let operators choose the layout they want in three clicks and launch their online casino simply and conveniently.
  • A business intelligence module, which makes it possible to analyze platform data for any period of time at any given moment, including GGR, player behavior, active users, income, and other indicators. This module is being constantly updated and expanded, and new features are added for more detailed business analytics.
  • A KYC module, which is developed to make the verification process more smooth and efficient.

The features that have been retained from the old solution have been updated and improved. The bonus module, for example, now has a better UI, which makes setting and managing bonuses much easier than before.

The new platform from Slotegrator is faster, more convenient, and more functional than ever before. The analytical tools will help make strategic decisions, the website builder will contribute to attracting and retaining players, and the KYC module will ensure security and compliance — and all three features are fast, easy, and intuitive to use. It’s also important that the system is unified, and all the features' updates are available immediately for every client’s platform.

Follow the updates to know what additional features we add in the next few months, feel free to contact our team with any questions and requests, and don’t forget that we can provide you with the user’s manual for more detailed information.

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