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Online gambling becomes more popular in Portugal

December 27, 2017
1 min

According to the Portugal's gambling regulator (SRIJ), the online gambling market has noticeably increased for three quarters of the ongoing year. This positive result is due to the active growth of sports betting in the country.

From June to September 2017, the revenue from online gambling amounted to $34 million, which is 21% more than during the same period in 2016. Online casinos and betting segments have increased their profits by 15% and 16% respectively. At the same time, the total annual profit from virtual sports betting has already reached $100 million.

Experts at SRIJ believe that the growth in sports betting area is fueled by the beginning of new football season. As a result of the last three months, the Portugal's betting took 78% of the entire segment of online sports betting.

Earlier it became known that the UK online gambling market grew up to £4.7 bln.

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