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Slotegrator has added a progress bar feature to its turnkey platform

October 18, 2023
2 min

Casino operators are always looking for the latest player retention tool. In the latest update of the new platform, Slotegrator has upgraded its Turnkey online casino solution with a tool to boost player engagement — a progress bar.

Turnkey online casino from Slotegrator

Slotegrator's turnkey solution allows operators to completely customize their platform and manage every aspect of daily casino operations. Our new platform also allows operators to manage multiple projects at once from a single workplace, and simultaneously balances extensive functionality and ultimate usability for operators, while satisfying gamers' demands.

Progress bar feature

Gamification is more than just a buzzword.

It’s an essential part of a modern player retention strategy. Our new progress bar feature gamifies the user’s experience, adding a heightened level of excitement for their entire user lifetime.

The progress bar can make it easier for players to track their performance and accomplishments, giving the casino increasing value over time and improving its retention rate. It is a multifunctional information widget for players that shows the entire history of the player's achievements, acting as a self-motivation tool.

Its main advantage is that it is always visible. The player doesn’t have to look around to find out how many bonuses he has, how many tournaments he has completed, etc. The widget can be placed at the header, in the sidebar, or on any page of the online casino. This allows players to constantly track their progress, improve their strategy, and let small wins build up into big ones.

The progress bar has been implemented on the ‘My progress’ widget on the lobby, which allows players to track their activity. The progress bar tracks multiple dimensions of player behavior, including:

  • Bonuses (amount and wager)
  • Tournaments (number of points and what place the player holds in each active tournament they’re participating in)
  • Cashbacks (the amount that will be paid to the players for deposits)
  • Quests (the progress of the quests in which the player is participating)
  • Levels of loyalty and experience

“It demonstrates to players all their wins and tracks everything he has accomplished. Also, it helps to correct their strategy on the way to victory. All data is grouped, so the player can track all the activities quickly and well timed. The Slotegrator team is convinced that it is a new level of player care,” says Dmytro Taran, COO at Slotegrator.

Slotegrator is ready to demonstrate the widget at the demo of the turnkey online casino solution.

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