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Slotegrator leads the way in opening doors to the Ukrainian gambling

September 1, 2020
3 min

Although Bill 2285-D, which regulates the gambling landscape in Ukraine, was passed with a large majority (248-95), it has left numerous unanswered questions for the Verkhovna Rada to resolve in the near future. Despite the heated controversy over some vital points of the law, Slotegrator has already developed its strategy for how to conquer the Ukrainian gambling market.

The unsettled issues shouldn’t be seen as a warning sign by operators and casino equipment or game content suppliers who are genuinely interested in taking their front-row seats in the gambling arena. Despite the obstacles that remain, Ukraine is, undoubtedly, on the right path. Moreover, one of the most crucial parts of the story is that President Volodymyr Zelensky himself is keeping a close eye on the development of the gambling law.

Firstly, he’s eager to illuminate the darkness where the gambling market has been thriving for over nearly a decade. Secondly, legalizing the gambling industry is seen as a way to help the country’s economy, as revenues generated in the forms of taxes and fees tend to be used for valuable social projects and institutions.

As a key player in the Eastern European market, Slotegrator has kept close tabs on the Ukrainian gambling industry’s road to regulation. Collaborating closely with officials involved in the parliamentary debates, our company has been kept constantly informed of the very latest updates on the situation in the Verkhovna Rada.

Now that all the stages of the development process — gathering information and statistics, analysing, brainstorming, and producing solutions — are behind us, we’re delighted to present our most up-to-date services for the Ukrainian market to the entire gaming community:

  • Licensing of land-based casino and bookmaker operators
  • Licensing of online casino and online betting operators
  • Casino equipment certification
  • Online casino software certification
  • Development of online casino and sportsbook platforms
  • Integration of online casino game content
  • Import of third-party casino equipment
  • Staff recruitment for gambling projects
  • Land-based casino management
  • Consultancy services on business incorporation and finance
  • Regulatory and compliance advisory

According to the current state of the gambling law, our legal expert in jurisdictional matters Yuriy Kostenko has stated that “certification will largely depend on the regulator — there’s nothing new. The commission will have the right to determine the list of entities authorised to carry out certification, as well as the list of certificates that will be recognised in Ukraine. As for the land-based sector, at this moment, before the regulatory body is fully formed, the import of casino equipment is carried out on general terms, which means operators and suppliers are not prohibited from taking their first steps on the Ukrainian ground.”

Logically, hesitation on the part of interested parties could become a step towards failure. However, by having in-depth knowledge of the market and its specifications and gaining expert support from a reliable source, any operator and supplier can build up a step-by-step strategy — a guide to the gambling business in Ukraine. And this is where Slotegrator’s services come in: our team is ready to tackle any challenges and discover a glidepath out of even the most tangled problems.

The company’s business development lead, Maria Areshchenko, is already negotiating deals with casino equipment and software suppliers intending to be among the first to offer their products on the newly reborn (after more than a decade in the shadows) market.

“We’ve been preparing for the legalization of gambling in Ukraine all along the way by intensively building our global and local network, as we knew it would inevitably become a reality under any circumstances. Now, we’re ready to deal with any matter related to gambling, and we know how to help all concerned launch their business and make their sailing as smooth as possible” says Maria Areshchenko — strongly implying that the future starts now.


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