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Turning a new page — the latest news on Georgia’s gambling legislation

February 10, 2021
3 min

In 2021, numerous amendments passed by the Georgian government which have implications for operators and other industry players are entering into force. Slotegrator has an active presence in the region, so in this article, we will briefly cover how the new changes could affect our clients and partners.

Georgia remains one of the most gambling-friendly countries in the Eastern European region. To open a casino or sportsbook in the country, potential operators are required to hold a local license (the same license covers every type of gambling). Licensed land-based operators are not required to obtain a separate license for online operations. But the sector is growing, and — as it often happens — with increased demand comes gradually increasing government regulation.

Starting from January 2021, amendments that were passed in June 2020 will start coming into force. The legislation that was amended includes the Gambling Act, the Law on Licensing and Permits, the Law on Gambling Business Fees, the Law on Licenses and Permit Fees, and the Administrative Code of Georgia.

What changes does amendment package No.07-2/486/9 bring?

The biggest change for operators is an updated structure of fees and payments. For example, operators need to be certified by a Selected Person, which is a company whose role is to exercise control over the market and guarantee compliance. The Selected Person issues certificates which are necessary to get a permit to work in the country; operators will be required to pay a fee for the service. The size of the fee is determined by the Selected Person, but must remain within the limits set by legislation.

As one of the requirements for issuing a permit, the Georgian Revenue service will require all operators and suppliers to submit a copy of the agreement. The service also has to be notified of any changes on said agreement within a period of two days. This change will come into force by March 2021.

Electronic Control System

The legislation also introduces a framework for an Electronic Control System, which will be used to ensure operators’ and suppliers’ compliance.

New terms for solution providers

Regulations have changed not only for the operators of online casinos, but also for the companies offering products and services to the industry. Now, companies that supply solutions for online casino operators will also need to be registered and incorporated in the country, as well as being required to obtain a special permit.

Slotegrator, which is already active on the Georgian market, is prepared to be fully in compliance with the new standards and requirements. Our clients have the opportunity to easily integrate more than 15,000 certified games from leading developers using our robust APIgrator solution.

In addition to games and payment systems, we are also happy to share our experience and provide administrative and legal assistance — help in obtaining licenses, permits and certifications.

If you want to know more about doing business in Georgia after the amendments come into force, contact us for a free consultation.

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