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Aviatrix is an iGaming studio focused on innovative products in the trendiest niche of online gambling — crash games. They combine the latest technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and AI into a single product with an innovative loyalty program.

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Number of games 1+
Types of games Casual games
Regions of operation Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America
Technologies HTML5, AI, NFT
Free spins No
Jackpots No
Founded in 2021


  • “Hackathon Winners” — Binance Smart Chain
  • “Unique Selling Point” — Sigma Balkans & CIS

NFT-based crash game by Aviatrix

The iGaming studio's portfolio includes a multiplayer crash game with a simple but beloved mechanic: the plane gains altitude, increasing the odds of winning, until it explodes, ending the game and taking the player’s bet with it if they haven’t cashed out yet. What makes this game special, however, is that gamers can compete against each other using their own aircraft, which is actually an NFT that can be modified, improved, and entered into a prize giveaway, creating a unique loyalty program.

Players who enjoy collecting NFTs get access to a variety of airplanes and can participate in daily prize tournaments. Players uninterested in the NFT aspect can opt out without affecting gameplay, enjoying the basic version of the game without buying their own NFT plane.

Aviatrix uses artificial intelligence solutions to analyze thousands of casino games to see which features are most popular among players in order to embed those features.

Why integrate games from Aviatrix?

  • NFT-based crash game
  • Best retention mechanics on the market
  • Daily cashback rewards using pool mechanics
  • Customization and easy integration

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