Slotegrator Academy is focused on the gambling industry insights and aims to provide unique information to subscribers. We meet with the gambling sphere experts and top specialists for interviews where they share professional knowledge and experience. The experts cover specific topics related to the industry, provide tips and tricks on how to stay at the forefront of a developing sphere, and talk about their personal ideas and believes.

Gambling interviews with experts

7 min. 0 1141

Maria Areshchenko: “We are on the same path as before — growing and expanding.”

Whereas the vast majority of companies across industries are still struggling to keep up with the times, Slotegrator has already adapted t...

7 min. 4 1734

Petr Stehlík: “The more legitimate operators there are, the better the industry’s reputation becomes.”

Slotegrator has introduced a series of bespoke consulting services to support operators with a range of critical issues, from licensing to...

13 min. 5 1637

Called by iGaming: the Story of Ondrej Lapides and Tom Horn Gaming

Despite being overloaded with innumerable games, the iGaming industry has a firm grasp on reality, and a bold line can be drawn between un...

8 min. 1 1615

BGaming: “Players are always our top priority — they are the ones who make the choice.”

To learn more about innovative game developer BGaming, we met up with the company’s Project Manager, Julia Alekseeva. The interview ...

6 min. 4 1223

“Crises Come and Go, but Gambling Isn’t Going Anywhere” - Slotegrator’s Ivan Kalashniuk Talks to GamblersPick

The iGaming industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years, thanks in part to companies who help operators launch and expand th...

7 min. 0 1286

“Slotegrator is not fighting the crisis, but adapting to the current situation”

In preparation for the “Betting in Face of COVID-19” conference, the organizers sat down with Slotegrator Head of Sales Vadim ...

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