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Case Study: Turbo Games supercharges casinos with provably fair games

June 13, 2023
7 min

There is nothing more exciting than watching new technologies developing and being integrated into different industries and spheres of life. We had a discussion on this and other topics with our partner Turbo Games. Read the article to learn more about the future of provably fair games.

About Turbo Games studio

Turbo Games — a provably fair games provider that belongs to Turbo Stars company — has an ambitious goal to establish widespread recognition throughout the iGaming world. Even though it is young, the company consists of professionals who have been working on the brand for over five years and are even planning to introduce a new brand for a wider audience soon.

There is no doubt that the iGaming community’s attention is all on Latin America today. Turbo Games is no exception; the potential of the region has attracted the studio’s main focus.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date, we cover the latest news of the Brazilian gambling regulation, as well as other iGaming news, in this section.

Turbo Games also works in Europe, India, and South Africa, where the company sees the most potential and expects the same “hype” as in Brazil.

The portfolio of Turbo Games consists of 21 titles, including well-known games like Mines, Crash X, DoubleRoll, Hi-Lo, and Plinko. The studio releases a game every month. However, not all games are developed from scratch. Wicket Blast and Spin Strike, the last two releases, are based on cricket and the Indian Premier League. Crash X remains the most popular fast game in the Turbo Games portfolio, and the studio reports that crash games enjoy stable levels of popularity. Overall, the main focus of the brand is provably fair games.

Technologies in the iGaming industry

Modern technologies penetrate all aspects of our lives and businesses, the iGaming industry included. Blockchain technology is already a normal practice for online casinos that accept payments in crypto and offer blockchain-based games, AI helps operators run their businesses, and VR and AR technologies attract players all over the world.

Turbo Games has also noticed a massive spread of the technologies in the industry and work for the good of brand transparency and player loyalty: “We can already see how blockchain technology has made it possible to make betting checks more accessible to players. All you need is a blockchain-hash and a decoder service. We think we will continue to move in this direction. Many traditional online casinos do not offer the possibility to check the bet. Sooner or later we all have to come to this. Perhaps the development of artificial intelligence will help here, because we are already seeing its involvement in all spheres of human life.”

What are provably fair games?

Provable fairness is a concept where players can verify their wins or losses using blockchain technology — the outcome of the game is dictated by a smart contract and is absolutely random, barring the possibility of any human involvement.

This concept is described by the name: you can prove that the game is fair. Using cryptographic hashing algorithms, the gambling site and the player’s device both generate seeds (random strings of numbers). Players receive a key that allows them to check the results; if the results are the same as the game round, it proves that there was no foul play.

Games of chance must be 100% random, with no third party involvement, and this is what provably fair games offer. “In order to be labeled as a “provably fair” provider, you need to pass a series of external certifications. Thus, what you declare for a product becomes the basis for user interaction. We have been focusing on this moment since the launch of Turbo Games. We even have a kind of slogan “Have fun with 100% fair playing’ to communicate about it.”

Our Sales Team Lead Dmytro Kryvorchuk adds that “this type of game is now becoming more and more popular and has great potential for both: players and game providers in the future. On the part of the player, the advantage is that the player can always be sure that his game is fair and he can independently check any of his bets. And for the game provider, this also simplifies the process of implementing casino games, since now it will not be necessary to obtain the appropriate certificates from independent laboratories before launching new games, they can immediately enter the market with these games and where anyone can check this game and make sure that that there is no cheating with players. Many game providers are starting to look towards this type of game. And as far as I see, many operators are starting to think about adding these games.”

According to statistics from Turbo Games, the audience for provably fair games is mostly between 18 and 25 years old. However, there are also players aged 35-40 who prefer traditional games but would like to try something new, and have turned their attention to provably fair fast games.

There are good odds that the technology of provably fair games will become more popular, if not even commonplace, because it gives players a feeling of transparency and proves that the business is trustworthy without the need to search for tens of reviews. Whereas many innovations in iGaming simply add entertainment, provable fairness addresses security concerns and reassures players that they’re not being exploited, which is invaluable.

Provably fair games are beneficial for both players and online casinos, Head of Sales at Turbo Games Vadim Potapenko comments: “It often happens that the users are not satisfied with the result, because gambling is not only about big wins, but also possible losses. By allowing them to check the fairness of a bet, we make life easier for platforms and players. Of course, this allows us to communicate with partners and users that we work honestly and that's why they should trust our games.”

What do players in 2023 need?

The iGaming industry is all about reputation and trust. With the number of casinos increasing across the globe, players have an abundance of platforms to choose from, making them pickier and pickier. There’s an abundance of forums where players leave reviews, so if players view a brand as untrustworthy, there are plenty of places they can share their opinion. Provable fairness not only stops that from happening, it provides evidence to the contrary, giving players something else to talk about.

Another way to promote your brand is to customize the background or other elements with your brand’s logo — which Turbo Games can do upon request. Individualized design helps to attract new players and retain those who already play on the casino platform.

Slotegrator also recommends investing time and effort into localization and creating an effective and detailed marketing strategy — before trying provably fair technology players need to get to the platform, and there is no acquisition without marketing.

How can Slotegrator help?

It’s always better to give players a great offer of gaming content and let them choose themselves. Younger players prefer new technologies, and even though experienced users might prefer classics, they could be interested in trying out something modern as well.

APIgrator allows operators to integrate over 15,000 titles from various game developers from all over the world in one integration session, including slots, card games, table games, live dealer games, virtual sports, and many others — Turbo Games’ portfolio is also available under a single contract.

And the complex turnkey solution will help you deal with marketing and security, as well as manage your business, using its modules described here.

If you have more questions about provably fair technology or game integration, feel free to contact us and request a free consultation from our specialists.

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