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New platform from Slotegrator: detailed overview of modules and their application

Yana Khaidukova
December 1, 2022
9 min

In May 2022, Slotegrator released its new and updated Turnkey solution. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of operators’ needs and industry demands and implemented our solutions in new modules and improved features — the new platform has already proven effective.

The iGaming industry seems to be developing faster every year. To succeed and prosper, businesses optimize and polish their processes — automation is key to effectiveness because it lets management analyze and make decisions based on this analysis, choosing which direction to take, what gaps to fill, and what problems to fix.

The Slotegrator team is in constant contact with its clients and partners; our sales team, account managers, and support staff are always there to hear what businesses need, and we use this feedback to improve and offer the best solutions. This time, we developed and added new features to our platform.

This article will provide a detailed overview of new modules and updated features and explain how using them will potentially improve the effectiveness of internal processes and save time for strategic planning (and calculating revenues).

Casino Builder

Casino Builder is a must-have tool for a beautiful, convenient, and — most important — effective online casino frontend. Normally, it takes thorough analysis, UX knowledge, testing, expertise, and a whole team of designers and developers to create a really good website for your online casino or sportsbook platform. Or, to shorten the road between your vision and its execution, you can just open the Casino Builder and use presets and readymade templates to get your new fronted ready to go.

The casino builder module is built into the platform’s back office, allowing operators to construct their project’s lobbies in just a few clicks:


Where and how to display banners, providers, payment methods, and other elements.


Where and how to display registration, authorization, deposits, bonuses, transactions, withdrawals, “About the casino”, FAQ, accounts, terms and conditions, and other pages of the casino.


Colors, fonts, styles, and themes of the future casino page.

The suggested presets are based on the typical casino users’ behavior and their visual preferences, which is why it is so quick and easy to just pick one of the options and use it — you can’t go wrong with any of them. The solution’s flexibility makes it perfect for localizing websites for different player segments and target markets since it allows operators to manage several projects under one administrative panel.

Casino Builder not only creates room in the budget by eliminating the necessity of an inhouse team of designers, but also saves time by avoiding long processes of approving designs.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module is one of the most important tools for every project, especially in such a rapidly changing industry as iGaming. Every business decision is based not only on plans and goals but also on past experience; entrepreneurs have to draw conclusions about whether a certain strategy arrived at the expected results. For this kind of decision-making, operators not only need access to data, but they need that data presented in a clear and cohesive manner.

In short, the BI module performs analytics.

Every day, we’re faced with a massive, constantly changing, and diverse flow of information. This modern phenomenon, known as big data, is described by three Vs: volume, variety, and velocity. Besides information about industry trends, competitors’ behavior, latest innovations, and market insights, there are statistics that the casino itself generates, and this is no less important — if not more so.

The bigger a gambling project gets (often fueled by overall industry growth) the more data it has to process daily. Keeping abreast is crucial for strategic planning — the right decisions have to be made on time or ahead of it, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a business requires a constant analysis of key performance indicators.

Such important KPIs as GGR, unique players, active players, average bet sum, average withdrawal sum, average FD sum, profitability, CPR, and others are filtered and presented by the chosen period of time and for the particular project. All the data are displayed in convenient and clear tables and diagrams.

Risk management

We at Slotegrator know how much effort it takes operators to succeed, and why businesses in the iGaming industry can’t afford to take risks. That’s why we launched an updated risk management module.

Manually investigating all the necessary data is almost impossible for online casinos or sportsbooks; even a whole team of employees couldn’t replace statistic-aggregating software.

Bonus abuse is a very common phenomenon among online casino users, unfortunately creating a risk for casinos themselves. Bonus abusers use VPNs, different devices, and falsified identities, making it tricky to distinguish abusers from well-intentioned players. It takes detailed research of IP addresses and personal information to discern if a player has exceeded the duplication threshold, indicating they might be playing under a false identity.

The risk management module automates this process, saving time for operators. It provides casino management with statistics and alerts about suspicious activity, allowing them to take measures on time.

The risk management module aggregates player information and compares it based on various parameters — this is how it detects duplicate profiles and notifies operators about players creating multiple accounts.

After violators are identified, operators are offered a list of bulk actions: activate, ban, enable bonuses, or disable bonuses, allowing them to take a blanket action covering all offenders. Operators can also set the module’s attributes according to their preferences.

Bonus module

Bonuses are the most powerful marketing tool in operators’ hands for acquiring and retaining players, helping them stand out from competition, localize their offers, reward players, and keep users loyal.

Welcome bonuses attract players, while loyalty programs give them a reason to keep coming back. Every online casino works on its bonus policy and invests time in adjusting it to their current goals — at the end of the day, building trusting relationships with players is cheaper and easier than regaining them after they churn.

The bonus module allows operators to create various bonuses, cashback campaigns, loyalty programs, and tournaments. It also allows operators to view and edit bonuses, check account information (including level of experience and loyalty), and set player categories. All the features are organized in a clear table, and the bonus module is very easy to use, which again optimizes the process and saves time compared to manual settings.

KYC module

Another feature developed to make operators’ lives less complicated is the improved KYC module. This module is responsible for smooth and consistent user verification.

The process is as simple as this: management sets a list of required documents for each player segment and for different stages of player activity, including registration and verification, as well as ongoing monitoring of player activity.

Each KYC check must be completed at a different stage, and operators decide which documents it is necessary to verify. Operators can also set a black list with denial of access for specific IP addresses of risky or excluded users, if this is necessary for project security.

The KYC parameters are developed in compliance with the requirements of two gambling licensing bodies, the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (CGCB) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which means that casinos are able to set the verification process in accordance with the rules of their chosen jurisdiction.

Another important use of the KYC module is player segmentation, which allows for the creation of more efficient personalized marketing campaigns and helps prepare attractive offers for each category of players.

What else is there?

The platform offers a range of other useful functions. Besides the basic and necessary things like payment methods and currency setting, games selection and setting, player management there are the following functions:

  • Player segmentation allows grouping users by different criterias (personal information, financial and game statistics, contact information, and technical parameters) and setting mailing lists, bonus campaigns and other actions for each particular group.
  • Operators can also create and manage tournaments, set financial limits, strategy, and restrictions; the tournaments are displayed in lists for better convenience.
  • Affiliate service management allows tracking and managing campaigns by project.
  • Domain management collects all the domains and allows operators to set the main one.

What other solutions does Slotegrator offer?

Slotegrator offers a complete range of products and services for online casinos and sportsbooks. Our longstanding experience, understanding of the gambling industry, extensive network, and big professional team allow us to build a wide offer, helping operators solve their potential problems (and more importantly prevent them) while growing their businesses.

One of the most common requests is for a payment method solution. Moneygrator aggregates over 250 payment options into one application, allowing operators to select the right ones for a particular market of operation.

Another highly demanded solution is APIgrator: more than 15,000 various certified games from over 100 providers from around the world are integrated into an online casino platform in one session — the fastest way to get access to the latest releases and content updates and the most convenient way to localize game offering to any target market.

Once a gambling project is set and ready to be launched, it’s time to develop a marketing strategy. Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to attract traffic to websites in the iGaming industry, but organizing and managing them might be tricky. Partnergrator processes and segments real-time data, as well as automating tracking and analysis of the campaigns.

Operators that plan to expand to a new market or are still on a stage of choosing the right jurisdiction for their business can get a regulatory consultation or help with obtaining a license.

Where to start

Not sure where to begin? Start with a free consultation.

Yana Khaidukova
Yana Khaidukova
Managing Director
As a software development expert, Yana has been in the gambling industry since 2019, when she became an Account Manager at Slotegrator, then moved on to be Head of the Customer Account and Vendor Departments. Her passion, hard work, and deep understanding of clients’ needs and industry trends led her to the Managing Director position that she occupies today. Yana knows the gambling industry well, constantly follows the latest industry developments, and never stops sharing her insights with her industry colleagues.

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