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At Slotegrator Academy, we’re always looking for new ways to educate our readers about starting and running a gambling business. We dive into market research, compliance, business structure, promotion, expansion, and other aspects of launching, running, and growing an online casino or sportsbook. But the best way to learn? By example. Let’s take a look at our exciting new client, Betsloty.

BetSloty is a new online casino that was recently launched with the aid of Slotegrator’s platform software and consultancy services. We worked closely with Betsloty at every step of the process — one we know well by now — and the result was the launch of an innovative new online casino that was well-received by a worldwide audience. In this article, Slotegrator and BetSloty share their insights into the process.

We will discuss BetSloty’s road to launch step by step, following the path outlined in our article on how to start an online casino.

Step 1: Choose your market

We recommend our clients study different markets before they decide where to operate. This step is so important we even created a tool for both potential gambling businesses and those planning to expand — our interactive map of gambling regulations.

When choosing a market of operation, business owners consider the following things:

  1. Regulation. Step one is analyzing the legal framework and requirements for the sector — not all countries regulate gambling, and some of them even ban it (and there’s no point pouring investment into a project that can’t legally operate). Second, every licensing system is different, and tax policies vary as well, so the regulations in a chosen jurisdiction will affect the total sum of investment needed.
  2. Demographics and demand. How big is the potential audience and how much do they gamble? What language do they speak and what currencies do they use? What kind of games do they like? What is their minimum gambling age and what’s the cultural background? All these factors are something to consider before you launch your online casino.
  3. Competitor analysis. It’s always good to check what your contemporaries are doing. On one hand, you’ll see if there’s a gap in the market that you could potentially fill. On the other hand, you’ll study what content and offers work well with this particular audience.

After careful research, BetSloty decided to launch in several markets worldwide.

BetSloty operates globally, and our choice of regions is based on thorough market research. We selected regions with a growing interest in online gambling, a stable regulatory environment, and a large potential customer base. Our goal is to offer our services to a diverse international audience while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Step 2: Create a business plan

No business — in any industry — will get very far without a plan. And it’s even more important for gambling projects, as it’s often required by licensing authorities during the application process.

All aspects of your future business must be included and described in detail — the goals of the business, company structure and management, market and competition analysis, and financial plan.

The creation of BetSloty involved meticulous planning and execution. We began with market research to identify trends and preferences. Then, we collaborated with a professional team to develop a user-friendly platform, integrated a variety of games, and ensured secure payment options. Rigorous testing preceded the official launch to guarantee a seamless user experience.

This step also includes gathering funds, choosing a corporate structure, and establishing a company. Once everything is ready, we can move to the third step.

Step 3: Getting a gambling license

We could list the advantages of licensed operation forever. Luckily, though, we don’t really have to anymore; the gambling industry is developing in a healthy, regulated direction, and the gambling community’s general level of social awareness and responsibility keeps rising. The pros (like stability and legitimacy) outweigh the cons (like license fees) — online casino and sportsbook operators _want _to get licensed.

Choosing the right licensing jurisdiction also takes some careful consideration. Future operators take into consideration the following things:

  • Your budget. License fees vary from regulator to regulator, and the same goes for application fees, renewal fees, and other expenses, including tax policies.
  • Your experience. Some application processes are more difficult than others. If you’re a first-time operator it’s better to start with something that takes less time to achieve.
  • Your offer. The license should cover types of games you’re planning to offer in a country where you’re planning to operate.

BetSloty decided to enlist Slotegrator’s help with this issue and got professional assistance in license acquisition.

Obtaining a Curacao license is a critical step to ensure the legality and credibility of our online casino. We chose Slotegrator for their expertise in navigating legal complexities within the gambling industry. Professional assistance is essential in legal matters to guarantee compliance with regulations and maintain the trust of our players.

Step 4: Hire a team of professionals

Once all the preparations are done, it’s time to get your operation up and running. There is no universal answer for how big of a team you’ll need; that will depend on your resources and ambitions. We recommend starting with a team of competent and essential professionals, and only then seeing if the team needs to grow.

A great solution can be outsourcing some tasks to freelance specialists — this will help to avoid regular salary expenses and provide an opportunity to choose between various external teams that specialize in different areas.

Acquiring an online casino platform from Slotegrator allowed us to leverage their specialized expertise and experience. This decision was based on the efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness of utilizing a team with a proven track record in developing successful online gaming platforms.

Step 5: Get the right platform software

Your online casino platform is one of the most important parts of this journey. It needs to be easy to use and pleasing to the eye, with every feature players expect and nothing that gets in the way.

A high-quality gambling platform should include an intuitive UX design with clear, simple navigation, communication channels and security tools for players, and a back-end or CRM system for operators. For example, the turnkey platform from Slotegrator offers five important modules, including Casino Builder, a KYC module, a bonus module, an anti-fraud module, and an AI Business Intelligence module that let you analyze enormous amounts of data and anonymously compare your project’s metrics with those of other projects in the region.

A sophisticated gambling platform should be filled with a wide choice of games to cater to the preferences of players in a chosen region of operation. Operators sign contracts with gaming content providers separately, or, to avoid wasting time, trust this process to aggregators that integrate thousands of games into the platform in only one session.

Cooperating with aggregators like Slotegrator streamlined the process of integrating games and payment methods. Their partnerships with leading game providers and payment solutions made it faster and more efficient for us to offer a diverse game portfolio and secure payment options. Our process involved careful selection of games based on popularity and quality.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the choice of payment methods. Players in different regions prefer different payment methods, from bank transfers to prepaid cards, not to mention all the different currencies. Of course, there’s also cryptocurrencies, which are only growing in popularity around the world.

BetSloty, being an innovative gambling platform, found cryptocurrency a suitable solution for a casino with a global audience:

Adding cryptocurrency payments aligns with our commitment to providing diverse and convenient payment options. Cryptocurrency transactions offer enhanced security, anonymity, and efficiency. They cater to a growing audience interested in digital assets, contributing to a more inclusive and modern online gambling experience.

Step 6: Market your brand

We published two articles on how to do online casino marketing. Part 1 talks about acquisition, and part 2 covers player retention. Marketing tools vary depending on the business goals, but the general recommendations remain:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Bonus policy.
  • Loyalty and VIP programs.
  • Tournaments.
  • Gamification.
  • Customer service.

This is when your competitor analysis might help — learn what your competitors and partners do and identify what strategy would work the best for your project. BetSloty provides a wide range of offers for its players.

Our marketing strategy focuses on targeted digital campaigns, partnerships, and promotions. We offer competitive bonuses, such as welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty rewards, to attract and retain players. The loyalty program incentivizes consistent engagement, providing exclusive perks, and creating a rewarding experience for our valued players.

Step 7: Grow your gambling business

This step is a combination of many factors leading to success and expansion. Read this article to learn more about how to grow your gambling business and cooperate with experienced professionals who know how to build a strong iGaming brand.

BetSloty is well-positioned to grow, given its worldwide operation and wide range of gaming content, payment methods, and bonus campaigns, and we at Slotegrator are excited to watch their ongoing success.

What can Slotegrator do for potential operators?

The Slotegrator team of professionals has many years of experience in iGaming, accesses an extensive network of gambling products and service providers, and knows what needs to be done to start and succeed in this fast-paced industry.

We provide consultancy services and license acquisition support as well as providing a turnkey gambling platform and filling it with games to get your business started quickly and smoothly.

We also regularly update our audience about industry news and gambling insights and even run our Youtube channel to provide useful information in a more digestible way. So feel free to contact us with any questions and our specialists in various fields will do their best to help you.

Maria Zamkina
Maria Zamkina
Senior Editor
Maria started at Slotegrator in 2020. These years of experience in the iGaming content creation taught her to devote time to thorough research and analysis, especially when it comes to regulatory frameworks, business processes, and gambling industry insights. She spends every day creating high-quality content for Slotegrator and doing her best to share the most interesting information with our audience.

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