The Internet has become an essential part of every citizen’s life in the majority of well-developed countries. No wonder that practically every area of human activity is gradually transferred into online spaces. It is very characteristic of entertaining content, particularly peculiar to gambling.

World Wide Web is a separate infinite world functioning according to its own rules and laws. How to create your own online project? How to attract visitors to a recently launched platform? This article, compiled by the company Slotegrator, a leading provider of online casino solutions, is aimed at answering all of those questions and dwelling upon the most effective methods of online project running.

Promotion campaigns in online gambling

Online gambling industry is influenced greatly, first of all, by the individual characteristics of the legislation effective in the country of your future commercial activities. Various marketing and promotion campaigns constitute another essential part of your successful online gambling business.

Currently, you may find all sorts of possibilities of drawing more traffic to your online resource, such as:

  1. Word of mouth. During the past few years, customers’ trust to different forms of direct advertising has significantly declined. However, people tend to trust their friend, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues more than anyone else. Furthermore, people started relying on some of the virtual informative resources, giving credit to the most reputed and respected ones. Marketing experts point out, that traditional products/services advertising tools and promotion methods are being gradually shifted by brand new PR tools influencing the minds of Internet users. Psychologists, in their turn, emphasize, that external opinions of the surrounding circle of people is usually more influential and evoke high levels of trust due to the fact, that all of them are usually based on practical experience and do not imply any direct benefits. According to specialists from Slotegrator, the pie chart given below represents the current level of effectiveness that carries contemporary advertising. 
    Word of mouth
    The most effective varieties of advertising
  2. Affiliate marketing. It is a relatively recent but, definitely, very effective tool of online promotion of numerous products and services. This very type of promotion involves referral or affiliate links that potential gamblers might use in order to visit online casino websites. How does it work? The general idea of affiliate marketing is based on professional engagement and interaction between a commissioner and a user entitled to promote the given platform via the Internet. The income of the executor directly depends on customer acquisition of new users into the affiliate program he/she belongs to, as well as on the activities of a recently subscribed gambler. For instance, a certain user is good at creating outstanding types of textual content on his/her website, forum or blog. Usually such texts might contain affiliate links to online casino websites. The link itself comes with a special code complying with this particular user. The rest of the users subscribing subsequently act accordingly: register, make deposits, gamble and, as a result, are rewarded in a form of certain commission. 
  3. ATL advertising. Advertising banners, teasers, videos, taped commercials broadcasted and placed on websites. 
  4. SEO traffic. This is the kind of traffic coming from automatic search systems, in other words, organic traffic. This notion comprises all the visitors of online casinos following links generated by the automatic search systems such as Yahoo, Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc. The statistics of the popularity of each search system varies according to certain location. In a broader context, the global statistics of the last year looks as follows:
    SEO traffic
    Statistics of the world’s most popular search systems by April 2015

    SEO optimization of current Internet platforms is one of the most important constituents of any website promotion online. How does it function? Users make requests in their search systems asking about online casinos, games, services, special offers, lotteries, etc. Such users are ready to consider special offers, including the offers coming from your own webpage. That is why it is very important to analyze the SEO traffic indices, compile accurate requests, and track the latest context trends. 
  5. Push notifications, email and SMS newsletters for mobile devices. All the methods mentioned above can be referred to direct interaction with a potential gambler, which is also called CRM marketing. Specialist point out, that in 2016 this kind of promotion turned into a real digital trend being more than effective in retaining audiences.
  6. Social networks and thematic communities such as blogs, forums, etc. Creation and administering of various thematic groups and communities, interaction with audiences, contextual advertising, etc.
  7. Gambling training courses. Informative and training video materials, tutorials placed, for instance, on YouTube, are bringing a lot of benefits to online casinos and attract more new gamblers.
  8. Well-structured landing pages. A landing page is a page visited by various users of search systems, as well as by those, who reacted to contextual advertising, etc. That is why it is viewed as a valuable element of the resource promotion. If a landing page looks suspicious and its functioning is not clear to users, no matter how many visitors the webpage attracts, the percentage of refusals will be definitely high.
  9. Various marketing offers for gamblers. Giveaways of promo codes and bonuses, including: free bonuses to newcomers, tournaments, lottery and jackpot draws, etc. Diverse marketing strategies designed to attract gamblers will be rather handy and form a good foundation for your business together with some other tools aimed at promotion of your webpage on the Internet. 
  10. Integration of innovations and new approaches. You have to make sure your webpage is updated at all times. That is why it is very important to modernize you platform from time to time and equip it with new features. Among them we should mention some of the mobile versions of the Internet – platforms, Live casino (assisted by real dealers), etc. It is crucial to constantly expand your product line with new games.

The main sources of online casino traffic

Having analyzed all the existing online casino traffic sources, Slotegrator’s specialists concluded that:

The main sources of online casino traffic

The leading position belongs to direct visits, referral links and media advertising. It proves, that the key role in promotion belongs to:

  • Word of mouth;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Media.

The most effective media tools for online casinos are affiliate webpages. These include thematic portals sharing information about the gambling business. Such portals are popular among forum and blog visitors aimed at sharing their experience and opinions. Search systems and social networks are, obviously, not very effective for this very segment of business.

Let us take a closer look at the most effective sources of useful traffic for online casinos. 

Affiliate websites

Affiliates are partner websites, directly or implicitly advertising various online casinos. Technically, they act as intermediaries between gamblers and casinos.

There are three types of affiliates’ functioning:

  1. CPA (Cost Per Action). This principle is based on immediate results. Thus, an affiliate gets its commission for certain actions of the user subscribed by the affiliate, for instance, registration process or a minimum deposit placement.
  2. Revenue Share. According to this principle, affiliates get a share from the whole revenue obtained by a casino from their clients. Usually, such share accounts for 20-40%. Following this principle, affiliates get constant income; however, it does not come too fast.
  3. A mixed model. This principle combines both approaches mentioned above. Affiliates get a certain share of their income from the actions of users subscribed by them, while the rest of revenue comes in a form of a percentage out of their gambling activities. 

Advertising media platforms

In order to place effective advertising, first of all brand advertising, entrepreneurs should resort to webpages with the maximum traffic flows possible. As you can see from the pie chart, these are predominantly informative and entertaining platforms.

Advertising media platforms

Referral webpages

As Slotegrator’s previous experience shows, the most powerful sources of referral links for online casinos are webpages specializing in sports and news aggregators. Adult websites, predictably, do not show positive results.

Referral webpages are platforms hosting referral links. Referrals are users from other webpages visiting your platform via a link published by a partner of your affiliate program. Henceforth, they get income from the actions of such online casino gamblers and pay a certain share out of it to the partner. 

For instance:

Step1. After bumping into an advertisement regarding a jackpot draw in your online casino a potential gambler clicks an affiliate link, leading to your webpage. 

Step2. After the gambler makes a deposit, he/she is automatically attached to the partner who advertised this offer to him/her.

Step 3. On the set day, your partners will be getting their commission through an affiliate program based on the amount of money won by their gamblers.

Specialists from Slotegrator are sure, that all of the methods mentioned above should work only if implemented altogether. This is how you reach the maximum effect. Additionally, one should bear in mind, that uniqueness of your webpage is predetermined by the choice of products integrated into it, as well as its interface and navigation. Another key point is your attitude to gamblers: CRM marketing, affiliate programs, quality of customer support, transparency, and honesty.     

The company Slotegrator is an aggregator of the best online casino solutions and is always there to help you develop and promote your Internet platforms.