Ways of payment systems optimization in online casinos

Nowadays, the European market offers various ways of improving and optimizing payment systems in gambling venues in order to keep players and increase their loyalty as well as to improve online gambling income.

Let’s review the main components of such an optimization strategy based on Secure Trading, the company that has obtained a license from the bank.

Optimization Strategy Components

Secure Trading provides several payment system optimization services for online casinos, such as financial reports, tools for determining risk and fraud, payment security processing with the help of Visa/MasterCard for the EU clients.

The security system is a base of the successful operation of any online casino payment method. It should be reliable, trustworthy, and mobile. Secure Trading uses integrated tools of the well-known and leading system – Risk Management Tool for Behavioral Modelling and Player Profiling.

Secure Trading also provides cybersecurity services and includes Vogogo, the company providing the best risk management and behavior identifying system at the market. It is one of the progressive developments for online casino payment system optimization. This development allows the operator to control all players’ actions in terms of their behavior while conducting financial operations.

Besides, due to such user behavior control tools, one can adjust the casino payment system according to preferences of modern online gamblers, which are constantly changing. Players become more and more impatient regarding payment system operation and want everything to work very fast and without interruptions. They also require more convenient ways of payment that will ensure the highest security of their money.

This system is required to analyze all mentioned client behavior features. It allows to obtain the following data:

User behavior on the website

Using this information, the operator will be able to offer a client the most convenient payment method, simplifying the interaction between the platform and its client.

Popular Online Casino Payment Systems

Now, let’s look at the most popular and relevant payment methods existing at the European market:

Real-time bank transfer

The most widespread way of payment in Europe. This method prevents hacking or cheating.

Bank cheque

Popular payment method. The only risk is money laundering.


A money transfer request may not be processed in case the balance is low, preventing players from having debts.


Convenient and popular online casino payment method.


The modern way of purchasing a service.

Mobile payment services

Relatively high taxes slow the popularization of this payment method, but it is still used in various countries.

One of the most popular casino payment systems among players at different markets is conducting operations through payment cards. However, there are cases when financial operation via payment cards cannot be processed. The payment optimization system can determine the reasons for that:

Lack of money

Then, after determining the reason, the system allows solving the problem using a real-time online chat with a casino operator. This tool is very efficient, especially if the player is really important, regular, and profitable for the casino. An operator can contact a user and discuss the reason, offering an alternative payment method.

Business success directly depends on payment systems optimization. The integration of such tools as Risk Management Tool for Behavioral Modelling and Player Profiling allows casino operators to always understand players’ behavior, find out how much they are going to spend and what payment methods should be offered to clients.

In conclusion, here are the major elements of payment systems optimization strategy aiming at increasing players’ loyalty:

elements of payment systems optimization strategy

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