What exactly Latin America is? What are the prospects for gambling development in the region? What are the specialties in the legal system of Latin America and what should be expected in the future? All of these issues are reviewed by experts from the Slotegrator company in the following material.

Article summary

  1. Gambling evolution in the Latin American region
  2. Growth rate
  3. Features of gambling in Latin America
  4. Legislation in the countries of Latin America
  5. Taxation
  6. Prospects and outlook for development

Gambling evolution in the Latin American region

Latin America is a collective name for the countries of South and, partially, North America, as well as the surrounding island states. It has to do with the fact that the Roman languages, which are official in Latin American countries, originated from Latin.

Latin America consists of Spanish-speaking mainland states starting from Mexico in the north to Argentina in the south, as well as Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries.

Latin America is an emerging market in the view of gambling activity. It represents a great potential for the development of the gambling industry, with more than 1.5 billion people living there.

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