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How much do online casinos make per person: profit per day, per year

Yana Khaidukova
April 18, 2024
10 min

In recent years, online casinos have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, revolutionizing the gambling landscape. This article delves into how these online casino platforms earn money and maintain profitability despite the odds.

The development of the online casino industry

The online gaming industry has changed a lot since its beginning in the mid-1990s. Advances in technology have pushed the industry forward, making the games available on mobile and enhancing the user experience. Changes in regulations have been made around the world, redefining the industry and promoting a more secure and regulated environment for the player.

There has been a change in player habits, which has affected the growth of the industry, with many preferring mobile gaming and seeking social engagement through interactive games. There will be further growth in this industry since the adaptation to innovation and emerging technologies is constant, and continuous market penetration is growing.

How do online casinos make money?

Online casinos have to balance revenue generation with player satisfaction. Here are some areas they look at:

  • Player retention: Successful casinos craft effective player retention strategies, usually featuring loyalty programs with bonuses or other rewards for players that give the casino increasing value in the long run.
  • High rollers: Players with deep pockets contribute a huge percentage of a casino’s overall revenue — and therefore, since these are great amounts at stake, they receive special treatment.
  • Game selection: Casinos choose a strategic mix of games, favoring titles with high house edges (leading to high profits), while still taking care of the diversity in preference among the players.
  • Geographical position: As an online business, iGaming platforms can cross borders and target markets where gambling laws are very strict, as well as areas that have more disposable incomes, hence maximizing its revenue.
  • Marketing and advertising: Appropriate marketing strategies are very crucial in new player recruitment and retention of the existing base.
  • Payment methods: To serve all these groups, the casino may take into account different methods of payment, including crypto.
  • Mobile gaming: The development of mobile gaming has opened up new revenue streams, since one of the most important factors attracting people from the tech-savvy demographic is convenience.
  • VIP programs: Rewarding frequent players with VIP programs encourages continued play and higher spending.
  • Legal framework: Online gambling regulations can differ significantly across various countries. The strictness of these rules can significantly impact the functioning and profitability of online casinos. Expenses related to compliance, licenses, and taxes can all alter a casino's financial outcomes, which can subsequently influence the average profit per player.

The financials of online casinos

If you ever wondered how much money online casinos make, let us break it down for you in this section.

Factors influencing casino income

Several factors influence the income of an online casino, including:

  • Market trends: Understanding and adapting to current market trends, such as the popularity of mobile gaming or live dealer games, can attract more users.
  • Customer preferences: Offering games and bets that align with customer preferences ensures higher engagement and revenue.
  • Technological advancements: Utilizing the latest technology for game development, security, and customer service can enhance user experience and increase loyalty.
  • Regulatory environment: Adhering to regulations and obtaining licenses in different jurisdictions provides stability, which translates to a steady income.

However, to accurately determine the profit that casinos make, we need to consider the necessary expenses.

  • Game provider expenses: Major game providers often command fees of around $12,000 per month plus a percentage of the casino's winnings from their games. If these providers represent over 50% of the casino's game offerings, this could mean substantial costs. For example, if half of a casino's $311,000 monthly gross income comes from these games, a 20% deal could equate to around $31,100.
  • White label royalties: If the casino operates under a white label solution, royalties, such as 5% of revenue, would apply.
  • Personnel costs: Staffing, including customer support, technical staff, and other personnel, could cost around $5,000 monthly.
  • Website hosting and maintenance: These costs, which are essential for operation, can run to about $5,000 monthly.
  • **Affiliate program: **Costs depend on the structure, such as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Revenue Share (RevShare). Assuming a 25% RevShare, expenses vary based on the number of referred clients and their activity.
  • Advertising: To maintain and grow the client base, casinos typically invest heavily in marketing, with expenses possibly reaching $20,000 per month.
  • Internal promotions: Engaging current players through offers, tournaments, and gifts can also incur significant costs. If assigning an average of $100 per active player, the total depends on the size of the active user base.

Average monthly profits

Let's discuss how much an online casino can earn in a month. The income isn't fixed, as numerous factors can influence it. A medium-sized casino might generate anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 a month. However, several variables can alter this estimate.

As previously mentioned, casino profits can be affected by the type of games offered. More games with higher house edges typically equate to higher revenue. The level of player activity, including the number of active users and the effectiveness of retention strategies, can also influence profits.

The efficiency of marketing strategies in attracting new players and retaining existing ones can impact earnings. Operating costs, such as taxes, licensing fees, and regulatory compliance, can vary by jurisdiction and affect the bottom line. Furthermore, everyday operational costs, from software licensing to customer support, also determine net profits.

Given these variables, exact profit figures can fluctuate each month. Casinos that excel in game variety, marketing, player retention, and cost management generally report higher average profits.

Average revenue per user

If we talk about how much money online casinos make per user, there are several factors to take into account.

Profits are influenced by multiple factors, such as game choice, average bet, session duration, and others. Once all are accounted for, some estimates can be made

The specific numbers will vary from casino to casino and from market to market. Normally, such estimates are derived from the ratio of total revenue to active players in the game.

Compared to other industries, the online casino industry usually has a fairly low profit margin, generally between 2% and 10% of a player's total bets. This suggests that casinos typically keep about 2% to 10% of all money bet by a player.

Customer acquisition and lifetime value

Critical metrics in the online casino industry include customer acquisition and lifetime value, which vary greatly from one platform to another, mostly based on marketing strategy and game selection.

The cost for a new customer can be somewhere between $20 to $250, indicating an extreme variance among casinos.

To the same extent, it is important to note that the lifetime value of a customer depends on their gambling habits and loyalty. Equally important is the relation of the cost of customer acquisition with the value of that customer, highlighting the importance of retaining customers over time.

Balancing acquisition and retention costs is essential for a casino’s financial health.

How much will small online casino owners earn in 2024?

Even in a competitive environment, the small business owner of the online casino can make an impressive amount of money, provided he or she plays their cards right.

A smart business strategy and close attention to market trends are both needed for success. This will require a focus on niche offerings, provision of world-class customer service, and quickly embracing trends in the industry, such as mobile gaming and live dealer options. All this will also require very effective marketing and knowing what the customer wants.

Through these actions, small online casinos can achieve growth and success in 2024.

Why open an online casino?

Starting your own online casino in 2024 is not just about jumping into a market brimming with possibilities; it's about understanding the real goldmine it represents. Think about this: there are thousands of online casinos worldwide that generate $56 billion a year. That's an average of almost $15 million per site annually. But here's the catch: like in many industries, a small fraction of these casinos, about 20%, take home the lion's share, about $45 billion of the total pie. This translates to nearly $60 million each year for these top players.

But what about the other 80%? They're taking in about $3.7 million each year. Not shabby, but definitely not top-tier. This huge gap highlights why many are tempted to dive into the online gambling scene: the potential for huge payoffs.

For entrepreneurs considering opening an online casino in 2024, the opportunity is ripe. The global appeal of online gambling continues to grow, driven by technological advancements, increased internet penetration, and shifting consumer preferences toward digital leisure activities.

But to make a mark, it's about more than just being another online platform. Success lies in standing out through unique gaming experiences, tight security, standout marketing, and exceptional customer care. With the right approach, tapping into this lucrative field could be your best bet.

Losses and risks when managing an online casino

Running an online casino is like navigating through a minefield. The market is exceptionally competitive, with new platforms launching frequently, each vying for a share of the gambler's wallet. This means not just rolling out the usual games, but bringing something new to the table, ensuring your customer service is top-notch, and getting your marketing so on point that it cuts through the noise.

Operational expenses are another significant challenge, encompassing software licensing, regulatory compliance, marketing, and the development of new games. These costs are ongoing and can fluctuate, impacting overall profitability.

The legal side is a whole other story. The rules around online gambling can be a labyrinth, varying wildly from one place to another. Operators must stay abreast of changes in legislation and ensure compliance to avoid fines and legal issues. This requires a robust legal framework and constant monitoring, adding to operational complexities.

Cybersecurity risks add another layer of difficulty. Online casinos are like magnets to hackers. Breaches can lead to significant financial loss and damage to reputation. So skimping on cybersecurity isn't an option, but beefing it up isn't cheap either.

How can Slotegrator help?

Slotegrator can be your right hand in opening an online casino business.

We offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for those looking to launch an online casino, making the process simpler and more efficient. The platform includes everything needed for a successful launch: technical solutions, B2B support, and dedicated account management, enabling you to establish your online casino quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, Slotegrator provides a white label solution. This includes the technical development of an online casino platform equipped with all necessary modules. It also grants the right to operate under our legal entity, a Curaçao sublicense, and the option for B2C player support.

Additionally, Slotegrator provides expert gambling business advisory services to navigate the often complicated online gambling landscape. These services offer invaluable support, saving time and ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. With Slotegrator's assistance, you can confidently tackle the challenges of opening and operating a successful online casino.


The online casino market, with its $56 billion annual revenue, presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. Despite the dominance of top casinos, there's potential for new entrants, especially with strategic planning and a unique business approach. In 2024, venturing into online casinos could be rewarding due to technological growth and wider internet reach.

What are online casinos' revenues?

Online casinos' revenues can vary widely based on factors such as market size, number of players, and types of games offered. However, it's estimated that the global online casino market generates around $56 billion in revenue annually. The actual revenue for an individual casino can differ based on its size, the games it offers, and its customer base.

How much does an online casino earn per user daily?

The revenue per user can vary significantly among online casinos. It depends on several factors, including the amount wagered, the types of games played, and the player's gambling frequency. There isn't a standard daily revenue per user since this figure can fluctuate based on player behavior and casino offerings. It also varies greatly from market to market.

How much does an online casino earn per month?

The monthly earnings of an online casino can also vary widely. On average, online casinos might generate around $14.9 million in gross revenue annually, which breaks down to approximately $1.24 million per month. However, this is an average figure, and actual monthly earnings can range significantly based on the casino's size, the games it offers, market conditions, and the operational strategy employed.

Yana Khaidukova
Yana Khaidukova
Managing Director
As a software development expert, Yana has been in the gambling industry since 2019, when she became an Account Manager at Slotegrator, then moved on to be Head of the Customer Account and Vendor Departments. Her passion, hard work, and deep understanding of clients’ needs and industry trends led her to the Managing Director position that she occupies today. Yana knows the gambling industry well, constantly follows the latest industry developments, and never stops sharing her insights with her industry colleagues.

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