In 2017, the IT industry shows a great interest in Big Data technologies. This concept is now widely applied in various online areas. The experts of the leading aggregator and software provider in the gaming industry, Slotegrator, made a research and figured out what this new technology can bring to gambling operators. 

Article summary

  1.  What is Big Data?
  2. What problems does the Big Data technology solve?
  3. How to use the Big Data technology in the gambling industry?
  4. What information about online casino customers is collected by analytical technology?
  5. Examples of successful integration of the Big Data technology into the gambling business
  6. Conclusions: prospects for using Big Data in online gambling

 What is Big Data?

 The term of Big Data is nowadays widely used in Internet marketing.

With the help of Big Data, you can easily operate with large amounts of data. In other words, it deals with a wealth of information, which cannot be processed in a usual way.

Let's take a look at the statistics to understand why the usage of special systems for processing digital information increases every year.

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